Episode 2 Impressions: Log Horizon 2


While Shiroe has been playing politics, it seems the raiding guild Silver Sword has had its share of bumps on the road following William Massachusetts’s denial of round table partnership. Death side effects have more than memory issues it seems.

Heading into the land of Susukino, capital of the Ezzo Empire, Shiroe attempts to contact William Massachusetts in order to gain a raiding party for the Depths of Palm. William, who leads one of the most powerful raiding guilds Silver Sword, denied joining the round table when it was formed in Akihabara. Now it seems Shiroe will have to ask for his aid once again.

After meeting with William, he quickly accepts before hearing what Shiroe even desires. Seems they have been craving new raids for some time and is intrigued by Shiroe coming so far to see him. However it doesn’t look like William has the full 24 man raid that Shiroe will require. Many of his raid members have quit after many raids and losses. Not because of memory loss, but because of lowered moral. Dying apparently gives you plenty of time to reflect on failure.

After an old enemy of Shiroe appears in the tavern, Demikas of the Brigandia Guild, it seems William is able to whip him into helping rather quickly. Following that entrance with Naotsugu acquiring a level 93 Cleric named Tetra, it seems the raid party is now in full steam. However while they travel to their destination, it becomes obvious that Demikas has plans of his own.

A rather slow episode to be honest. We got acquainted with some old allies and enemies as well as introduced a new genki character to the mix, but nothing much in the way of entertainment happened. While I did enjoy Tetra causing some annoyance to Demikas, everything else was really to catch us up on the state of the raiding guilds.

That said, I’m a bit interested to see where they take Akatsuki from this point. ¬†She seems interested in getting stronger and to be honest the series has done little to utilize her, despite her constant presence.

Hopefully in the coming episode we can get some sparking of some interesting character or tactical play, as it’s been a bit of a sluggish start for the season. Perhaps what awaits them in the Palm or Demikas’s betrayal will be a much-needed wrench in the cogs.

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Episode 2: The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes





  • New introductions
  • Reestablished characters


  • Tad uninteresting
  • Slow
  • Forced humor

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