Episode 2 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


While Shinichi has had a run in with a hostile Parasite, its power was quite limited in the failure of a host it obtained. While reports continue to rise of killings possibly done by the parasites, he builds a desire to do something with the knowledge he has.

Following the battle he experienced against the parasite within a dog host, Shinichi realizes that he cannot live without the one within his hand. Naming itself Migi, the parasite begins to take explore more things of the human nature. Be it good or bad for Shinichi.

On the basketball court, it seems that Shinichi gains a little bit of help from Migi to make some much-needed shots in order to gain favor back with his female friend Satomi. Gaining her forgiveness for Migi’s curious forwardness in grabbing her chest. However this show of shooting skill causes another student named Nagai to take beef with Shinichi. Behind a building a school, Nagai takes a few swings at Shinichi who fears Migi might retaliate and kill him.e2parasyte6As the reports of gruesome killings rise, Shinichi confirms his fears with Migi that the deaths are indeed caused by parasites feeding off humans. While Shinichi tries to gain help from Migi to stop the parasites, Migi fails to understand why his kind feeding on humans is any different than humans feeding off cows.

After Shinichi rushes to encounter a human host parasite, both he and Migi will soon discover if they have the power or resolve to stop the killings.

Another great showing in the possibilities of this show. Putting aside the more interestingly weird elements of the first episode, we explored more into the mindset of Migi as well as some commentary on human waste and the hypocrisy of the human mind in the food chain of life.

e2parasyte7The encounter Migi and Shinichi had with the human hosted parasite was also especially engaging as it really showed Shinichi that Migi isn’t really after partnership, but strictly co-habitation while it’s necessary to live. The earlier threats even alluded to it. Also, the final scene with the cat was awesome as well.

I can’t say the episode was without some unneeded elements. I didn’t personally find the johnson jokes to be all that necessary, but rather awkward and forced.

While not as epic as the first episode, I’m glad this show is keeping a strong presence in the Fall season and I definitely can’t wait for more. Probably one of the most interesting protagonist(s) in the season.

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Episode 2: Demon in the Flesh





  • Good development
  • Good masked commentary
  • Migi’s distanced motives


  • Few unneeded jokes

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