Episode 2 Impressions: SHIROBAKO


When last we left the show, Aoi had found herself in quite a pickle when she discovered Segawa collapsed in her apartment.  After putting quite a workload on the Animation Supervisor, it’s no surprise that Aoi finds herself a bit responsible.

While Aoi tends to the now conscious Segawa, she receives a phone call from her friend Shizuka who seems to be trying to get into an audition and make her way into the voice acting business.  Though unfortunately the call is cut short due to Aoi being a bit concerned for Segawa.

Now it seems the tables turn as Segawa was of course supposed to be the Animation Supervisor for Episode 4 of Exodus.  Being as Endou is their only hope for a backup, the rivalry continues between the two.  Although Aoi ends up revealing the mutual trust that still seems to remain there.  Leading Endou to accept in aiding her.

As the episode goes into its final stages, it seems that one of the directors takes issue to his character’s animation in reaction to a big reveal.  While changes made at this point could break a series due to delays, the studio meets up to discuss the matter.

Giving an impression on this episode really does sadden me.  While the beginning moments were pretty solid in continuing the rivalry connection between two animation supervisors and the pains of heavy workloads, it quickly devolved into quite a snore of an episode.

Granted the whole bit on last-minute changes to an episode is rather interesting and seeing a studio being very passionate about their characters is great.  On the downside, the heavy bickering over the character’s personality and their attempt to come to an understanding over a long stretch of boring dialog was a huge stink for me.  It’s just not very interesting or entertaining.

I’m really curious as to where this show is planning on going, but as it stands now, it’s interesting but not entertaining.  I love a grounded perspective on the ins and outs of a studio, but watching people work really isn’t my thing.  I need something to spice it up a bit.  Perhaps comedy, characters, or even romance.  Of all those, strong characters would be a great fit, and unfortunately these characters just aren’t shaping up so far.

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Episode 2: Arupin is Here!



Not Entertaining


  • Rival chemistry
  • Insight into character development
  • Director disputes


  • Lacking Entertainment
  • Overly heavy dialog
  • Tarou is getting annoying

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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