Episode 2 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


After a rather shaky start, TERRAFORMARS chugs on to its second episode where we see quite a bit of insight into the 2 main government projects.  Following some less interesting character build, the show leaves off with some brutal bug reveals that may respark this franchise’s rocky start.

The Alien Engine Virus that appeared 42 years ago seems to be impossible to recreate. Driving mankind to Mars in order to obtain a raw sample to test on in order to find a cure. Though this doesn’t seem to be the only goal of U-NASA’s voyage to the planet. Back on Earth, Deputy Commander of the Annex 1 Project Hiruma Shichisei seeks the aid from Professor Honda who worked with his brother. As Hiruma is also a Major of the Japanese air and self defense force, he seems to believe something involving the Annex project could be dangerous to mankind.

As the ship makes its long voyage to Mars, many of its residence make friendships, contemplate romance, and even become cage crazy in the confined spaces. Sheila tries to muster the courage to confess her like for the captain after his tearful conversation he once had with her before her surgery, the Russian Ivan shows his stupid but courageous actions by stopping a confrontation, and the crew also learns of the importance of a drug that can force their inner abilities out while also straining their bodies.

e2terraformars6Though this momentary peace is not held for long as the ship begins its move to enter Mars’s atmosphere. Though for some reason, something unexplained happens.

Overall, a big improvement from the first episode. Much more entertaining, more world building, more insight into the virus, and some created intrigue in the Annex Project. Though that’s not to say it wasn’t still riddled with a few out-of-place awkward humor.

Unfortunately, while things are improving, I’m still not getting the cast. They are not connecting at all and they just all seem like part of some cheesy horror flick. Dumb, shallow, and without personality. Maybe once we kill off our initial crew we can start diving into individual characters? Hey, I can hope right?

e2terraformars8What was done a lot better was the censorship. While it was still absolutely terrible, it was nice that I could still gather what was going on. Granted I hate the idea that they use censorship, if I can gather what’s going on, it’s less annoying. Though I’m more a fan of them figuring out how to use camera angles to make it unnecessary rather than break the show.

I’m very excited to finally see the bugs in action. To be honest, I’m quite impressed with just how insane the show has managed to make them look. They look terrifying, tough, indestructible, destructive, and even smart. It’s got me excited for this show. Would you blame me for actually rooting for a tough bad guy? It’s in these baddies that I’m excited for the next episode. I hope they remain strong.

Now I’m actually regretting not grabbing a Good Smile Company figure of these nasty roaches.

This show is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 2: Departure for the Front




  • Good reveal
  • Annex intrigue
  • Bugs are brutal


  • More awkward humor
  • Terrible characters
  • Bad censorship (getting less bad)

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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