Episode 2 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Do you stick with a cruel man who treats you like a dog, or do you ditch him for the prince charming that protects you when you’re in danger? It doesn’t seem like a hard choice for the likes of Erika. But is it that simple?

It turns out that while Erika has a boyfriend, fake as he might be, the thought of actually being in love has begun to cross her mind. Seeing the passion her friends have for their boyfriends has only strengthened her desire to have one. For real.

One day during school, she’s called out by a group of girls who seem to be part of some sort of fan club for Kyouya.  Taking her to an isolated area, she’s harassed for having claimed Kyouya for her own.  After she lets slip some comments about them not having the guts to ask a boy out, the girls become violent but it seems Erika is saved by a boy named Kimura

With sparkles surrounding her new prince charming, why would she ever stick with someone like Kyouya?

Another great episode.  I have to admit that during the first segments I began to worry if this show would have any steam going forward.  I mean, the joke about him treating her like a dog can only be done so many times right?

However spinning a new love interest into it and really testing Kyouya’s like for her was where this show may shine going forward.  There’s an obvious element there that he likes her because she actually was brave enough to confront him, while other girls don’t.  A bit of isolation and obvious elements of a bad past is present in the narrative.

So for another week, this show remains strong.  I’m just curious if the show will have an episodic thing going on with a theme-per-episode, or if we will have a more on going plot to throw in the mix soon.  Maybe we will find out what makes Kyouya tick.  Or maybe perhaps one day, someone will punch him.

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Episode 2: First Love – A Rash and Blind Act





  • Some cute moments
  • Some good chuckles
  • Good conclusion


  • Sort of predictable plot
  • Feeling bit episodic

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