Episode 3 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


Even though Shirou has only recently accepted his role in the battles between Masters in the Holy Grail War, things are about to get even more real for the clueless boy as he faces off against Berserker.

After a brief and cute introduction by the new challenger, Illyasviel von Einzbern, little time is wasted before she calls her Servant Berzerker forth to kill those before her. Rin, after using her insight, quickly assesses the brute as being powerful enough to take on all the Servants alone. She calls for Archer to utilize his skills from a distance, knowing full well that he cannot go toe to toe with the target in close range.

Even with his powerful shots taking aim on Berserker, they shed not a single drop of blood. However Illyasviel seems to care not of Rin or Archer, but rather has a strong desire for Shirou. This causes Saber to jump into action and protect her Master, and the two of them exchange blow after blow, destroying the area around them.

e3fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks1As Saber takes the fight off into the forest, obviously to both hinder Berserker but also to possibly draw him away from Shirou, Shirou himself is stricken with a realization of the limits to his power. Even with Rin commanding him to flee from the battle, his vow made to Saber drives him to pursue Saber and Berserker to offer any help he can.

On the other end of the battle, Rin decides to take the fight directly to Illyasviel. In hopes of ending the battle in wake of Berserkers seemingly immortal self. However that doesn’t seem to be an easy task as Illyasviel command a slew of familiars that thwart all hope of ending her quickly and painlessly.

e3fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks2What an epic battle. I was definitely excited to see how this would turn out, and I’m truly satisfied with what I got. Insane animation, thrilling sound, and a heavy dose of suspense. Even after watching the 2006 version of Fate/stay night, I’m happy to see that the change of route creates a certain element of suspense that I truly enjoy.

Berserker was definitely a welcome opponent that tests the limits of our protagonists right from the get-go. Although there’s much to be said in the Fate series’ ability to cause you not to take any of the Servants lightly. Minus the failure that is Fate/kaleid (Sorry if you’re a fan!).

It was also great to see how powerful Illyasviel was right off the bat. It doesn’t take long before you e3fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks11shed your hope for leaving Masters alive and choose the easy route of ending a Master when faced with Berserker. However Rin definitely learned how impossibly that could be.

Finally, Archer. Ah yes, archer. If you’re at all familiar with a lot of lore around this show, as well as the other adaptations, even with his distant role, my inner fanboy was definitely thrilled at what all went down. Especially Illyasviel’s response to it all.

Such a great episode and I’m really loving Ufotable’s work on this show. Now, for another painful week awaiting the next installment.

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Episode 3: The First Battle





  • Great action
  • Amazing presentation
  • Very intense
  • Great tie-ins


  • None

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