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Otaku Spirit » Episode 3 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-

Episode 3 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


While Shinichi seems to be retaining his hope for a normal life while hiding the secret of the parasyte in his hand, his school life is thrown through a loop when a suspicious character begins teaching at his school.

Migi is put on the defense as Shinichi travels to school in the morning. Turns out a new teacher has been hired, and during an assembly, she already takes note of Shinichi’s identity. Though apparently the teacher naming herself Tamiya Ryoko isn’t hostile at first. Instead, it seems she desires to exchange information and is rather intelligent.

While meeting with her and a male parasyte she calls “A”, Shinichi learns that the two has experimented with producing a child. Not surprisingly, the child she bears is not of parasyte, but human as their bodies remain human.

Even though Tamiya seems civil, she desires to keep her identity a secret and threatens a slaughter of the school if he does anything. The parasyte A is a bit different and wishes to kill Shinichi as fast as possible. During the next day of school, A arrives at the school and begins attacking people left and right, as if searching for Shinichi to kill him.

Another interesting episode. While Tamiya seems like some sort of threat, I’m curious as to her intentions. She almost seems similar to Migi in that she just desires to learn about things rather than mindlessly kill and feed. I’m hoping that they will explain why some parasytes are so different from others.

The second point in this episode that peaked my interest was Migi’s new idea of making Shinichi a part of the fight. With Shinichi’s desire to fight the parasytes so much, it’s only natural that he’d finally lift a finger.

I was a little angered by Shinichi’s outburst against Satomi. She seemed genuinely concerned for his safety, yet it seems like the stress of everything Migi told him about meat shields caused him to snap. Even still, I couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

Episode 3: Feast





  • Some interesting parasytes
  • Shinichi called to fight?
  • Fight hits home


  • None

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