Episode 3 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


It seems that the journey Amira travels with Favaro is taking its toll on the world. While she makes her way further from the God Key’s origins, the balance of the world is crumbling.

Spoken from the mouth of many, it seems confirmed that Amira has indeed stolen the God Key from its holy grounds in the god kingdom. Breaking the seal using arts only a god can use, she absorbed the key inside her very soul. Though this too costed her one of her wings.

While Favaro attempts to absorb the seemingly bogus story he’s bring told, elsewhere Kaisar finds himself collapsing and drug into a town deep in the forest. Upon awakening, he’s greeted by the Nebelville doctor who took care of his wounds.

It’s at this time that we catch a bit more about Kaisar’s past. Upon speaking to the doctor’s daughter in order to help her cherish her family more, he tells a tail of a father who worked in the service of the king. However after a caravan he was escorting was ambushed by bandits, his father was hanged and e3rageofbahamut7his family was banished.

It doesn’t seem like it helps persuade the daughter much, but he has little time to continue his talks as a band of trolls threaten the town. Swearing to protect the people, he faces off with them. However it seems the trolls sound a lot like his rival Favaro.

It seems some sort of story is trying to wiggle its way out into the open. I am sort of curious as to just who Amira is at this point. Why she was able to use god arts and why she’s doing what she’s doing.  It really does seem like her intentions are good, but maybe misled.  Either way, some sort of conflict will be welcome later.

Though I guess the star of this episode was the town of Nebelville, and of course Kaisar. Meeting Rita e3rageofbahamut9and finally hearing Kaisar’s backstory was a pleasantly entertaining change of pace for the show.  I’d imagine this would be the best point to warn about minor spoilers.

The appearance of zombies definitely had me excited.  As big as zombies are in the entertainment scene, it’s rarely seen in anime.  My ever-growing desire for an anime adaptation of something similar to Walking Dead grows even more after seeing this awesomely created zombie scenario.  It also has me more excited for what’s to come with Rita following Kaisar.  Seeing a necromancer in action will be awesome.

Brutal, entertaining, and well presented.  Another great episode in this action packed series.

Episode 3: Fog of Nebelville





  • Kaisar’s past revealed
  • Good twists
  • An exciting new character


  • None

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