Episode 3 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


While everyone seems to be enjoying their Summer vacation time, Erika is stuck at home awaiting for her master’s call. However, after she seems to go the entire time without a typical demand, worries begin to arise as to his condition.

Erika is shocked to find that Kyoya had not attended school following their vacation. Turns out, he’s a bit ill and Erika is asked to bring him his notes from class. Even though she accepts, she’s stricken with fear when she arrives at his house because she’s not sure who will answer.

After realizing that Kyoya has no one to take care of him, Erika asserts herself into his personal space and works to get him better. Cooking for him, bringing him medication, and checking his temperature. It seems that even though Kyoya believes all girls do things for something, Erika manages to show him quite a different side to people.

I definitely thought this was a sweet episode. Bringing a different side to Kyoya to the forefront. While his cold nature is always apparent, we rarely get a glimpse of him subtly shedding his layers of protection. It’s definitely thanks to Erika’s stubbornness.

However, in the later parts of the show, we got quite a shocker in a confession that was made. Following a really questionable encounter. The results are very troubling and pulls at some heart-strings. However we can’t really expect things to come that easily right?

I got quite a kick out of Kyoya pointing out Erika’s face when he was petting the puppy. ┬áBut I still can’t believe she actually called herself his dog!

Episode 3: Fall In – A Precipitous Drop





  • Cute moments
  • Kyoya’s layers peeling away
  • Dramatic cliffhanger


  • Wonky art at times

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