Episode 3 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yona remains shattered as Hak continues to fight to bring her to safety within the mountains.  As this unfolds, she’s continuously reminded of a time when things were more pleasant, more innocent.  A childhood when her, Hak, and Soo-Won enjoyed their time together.

Taking a trip 3 years into the past, we catch a glimpse at the moment that King Il requested Hak to become Yona’s bodyguard.  Not caring much for royalty, he dismisses the King’s request against Lord Mundok’s advice.  Thought it seems that after Yona becomes the target of a pushy suitor, he steps in and protects her at risk of his own head.  Thanks to King Il’s arrival, the blades are put at rest and the situation resolved peacefully.

While in the current time Yona remains in and out of consciousness due to her stressed state, she’s reminded of a moment when she, Hak, and Soo-Won got sick following some play in the snow.  While both Hak and Soo-Won have visitors, it seems King Il neglects to come see her.  But it seems that her father had his reasons, and still manages to try to make her a bowl of food in the dead of night.

e3yonaofthedawn6Returning to the present time, Yona realizes that she had lost her hair pin that was given to her by Soo-Won on her birthday.  Pretending to step away for a moment, she stumbles into a pit of snakes before Hak comes to her rescue.  He’s bitten, but seems to shrug it off as he hands her the hair pin she dropped earlier.  Though it seems to displease him that she’s still willing to latch on to her father’s murderer, he knows it’s giving her strength to move.

Thankfully the show has remained in the current time rather than jumping forward.  While at the same time, we are getting some further insight into Yona, Hak, and even more interesting, King Il.  I actually really liked that we finally seen more of Il, as his life was cut short and he almost seemed like a throwaway character.  The moment he grabbed the blade, I really started seeing him as more than a big softy.  I’m even more intrigued to know what happened with him and Soo-Won’s father.

e3yonaofthedawn4Of course we also got some touching moments with the more innocent young Soo-Won.  I seriously hope at some point they will give us a full breakdown on how he accepted his father’s death and chose to disregard everything they are showing us about his past.  It’s obvious someone is pulling his strings.

On the flip side, Yona needs some quick snap back as her breakdown is getting worst and worst.  While I accept it as a truly damaging ordeal, she also is latching stupidly to things like her hair pin.  One would assume it’s so she retains her memories of a good Soo-Won, but why disconnect so much with an equally important Hak?  Though I guess I’ll never understand that thinking, it makes for good drama.

I’m really liking that this show is remaining strong, and I hope it continues to keep at this pace moving forward.

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Episode 3: The Distant Sky





  • Good character build
  • Backstories
  • King Il developed


  • Yona’s attachment hard to understand

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