Episode 5 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Even with the departure in our previous episode, the show must go on as we continue the fight against the terraformars. Thankfully, once again, we avoid the deadly sight of censorship and mark a new age of clear-viewing pleasure.

After losing Sheila, Marcos’s rage seems unquenchable as he tears through terraformar after terraformar. Though his only weakness does end up catching up with him, causing him to become fatigued. Though thanks to his captain, it seems he’s not alone.

Taking another flashback to Marcos’s past, we see him along with Alex being thrown from the estate Sheila lived in. After an uprising, her home was burned down and she was taken far from her two friends. After living in the streets for some time, dealing with the dirt the world has fallen into, Alex comes up with a plan for the two to find work at U-NASA and end up running into an old friend.

e5terraformars5Back at the present, the American and Japanese team end up facing off against a horde of terraformars. The lead, Michelle, steps forward and unleashes her attribute. From some bar talk back on Earth, we’re clued in on how Michelle has not one, but two powers. One given to her by her father Donatello who was part of Bugs 2, and one from the Mosaic Organ Operation everyone received. This gives her paraponera strength to lift a hundred times her weight and the explosive ability from a Malaysian ant.

Her strength is unmatchable, and not only that, but merely touching her opponents lead them to explode from the inside out. The fight doesn’t last long and the victor is an obvious choice as Michelle clears the horde. Though her actions only destroy her enemy, whereas Akari seeks to capture nearby.

e5terraformars8Being a similar case as Michelle, Akari also has two attributes, but it seems hard to decipher for now. He’s not a spider, but uses a fine and strong thread to bind and fight his enemy.   He also seems to make quick and effortless work of the terraformars and puts 3 away for samples.   All the while, he recalls the boy he met just before leaving Earth that he made a promise to bring back a cure.

Unfortunately, this victory doesn’t last long as Michelle is suddenly pulled underwater in an ambush, leaving her team to fight a new arriving terraformar who falls from the sky and looks quite different from the rest.

e5terraformars4While this episode once again showed no signs of censorship being necessary, with the recent showing of the first 3 episodes uncensored, and future episodes slated to do the same, it seems we are finally in the clear. Literally.

While it seemed the beginning was giving the spotlight to Marcos and Alex, a lot was hit on. We seen how dark the world has gotten and how they and Sheila came to U-NASA. However I have to say that Michelle definitely took the cake for the episode. Showing some amazing combat sequences. Even if Akari was awesome as well. I’m just surprised they didn’t really hit on exactly what his attributes were.

I hope this doesn’t spell the end for Michelle, though it doesn’t seem like they have thrown out any death flags for her yet. And I’m sure we will get quite a bit of backstory on her, if not have some sort of build between her and Akari. But I guess we should be more concerned about what exactly makes this new terraformar special.

I have to admit though, I thought I wouldn’t care much for the remaining cast. Then Michelle happened.

Episode 5: Exceptional Two





  • Good combat scenes
  • More development for Marcos and Alex
  • Michelle is epic


  • Conveniently similar discussion for Akari

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