Episode 8 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


When all hope seemed lost, a shining light has appeared before the sailor scouts.  The one that the people call Sailor V arrives to save the day.  Not only that, but also shed some light on the mystery surrounding the Princess Serenity.

As Queen Beryl’s minion once again takes his leave, Sailor V introduces herself as none other than Princess Serenity.  Thanking everyone for their hard work, she addresses herself as her Earth name Minako Aino and introduces her partner Artemis.

Elsewhere, Beryl is faced with reporting to Queen Metalia once again with bad news.  Not only have they failed, but one calling herself Princess Serenity has appeared.  Metalia, fearing to be sealed once again, commands that Beryl waste no more time in getting the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Even though Minako is now the supposed Princess Serenity, Usagi continues to have dreams of being lead by a heroic man she calls out to as Endymion.  As she bumps into Mamoru the following day, it seems their recent brush of death has left Mamoru feeling a bit powerless.

The time of peace seems to come to an end as Kunzite sends Minako a message.  Bring the Legendary Silver Crystal, or he will end the lives of everyone in Tokyo.  Feeling a sense of obligation to work alone, she rushes in to be struck down by Kunzite.

A very solid episode all around.  The pacing continues to push forward as we now seem to be moving into seeing Usagi start taking some serious action.  Not only that, but the identity of Princess Serenity coming forth.  Though I have to admit that the repeated noting of Queen Metalia and the Moon Kingdom has gotten a tad bit repetitious.  It’s standard Sailor Moon stuff, but time could have been fluffed with something else.

Probably the pinnacle point of the episode has to lie in Usagi and Mamoru’s continued relationship build.  It’s hard to recall much from the original western release of Sailor Moon, but this version just seems much more romantic and natural.  It definitely has me rooting for them.

There’s no doubt that I’m excited for the next episode as Princess Serenity finally takes the frontline.  Another painful wait is ahead of us!

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Episode 8: Minako -Sailor V-





  • Some great Usagi X Mamoru moments
  • Story progressing forward
  • Continued lack of filler


  • A few unsightly character art
  • Repeating story notes

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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