Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Review

One would think that after a lackluster first season, staying away from a second season would be an easy task. However seeking that same interesting twist we seen in the later part of the first season brings us back once again.

Picking up where we left off, Illya and Miyu now seem to live quite a peaceful life. Enjoying school again and thinking about the funner things in life. On the other hand, Rin and Luviagelita don’t see a conclusion to their training. Rather they are seen as lacking team work and sent back onto the field yet again.

This leads to Rin and Luviagelita seeking Illya and Miyu’s help in repairing ley lines, and after a turn of events, a girl who matches Illya’s appearance manifests from her. However it doesn’t end there as this mysterious girl seeks to kill Illya.

At first, the arrival of a new antagonist was quite interesting. New rivalries, testing of friendships, and possibly even a much darker tone being brought into the series. However this interesting element shifts to boring light-hearted humor rather quickly and it loses its dark tone faster than it gained it.

Putting this trivial arrival aside, the show for 5 of the 10 episodes focuses on one element: yuri. Which is all fine and dandy if you’re a fan of yuri, however this yuri quickly crosses the line to uncomfortable as the elementary age cast mixes with 20 second long moaning, slurping, and drooling in overly sexualized kissing. Then of course, following that with overly exhausted looking characters who need a cigarette.  It’s distasteful and quite frankly inappropriate.

e2fatekaleidliner2wei6Even setting aside my opinions on the yuri, the main point is in the lack of any other content in this entire cour 1 of the second season. It’s literally devoid of any solid story. It wasn’t until episode 5 that we get any kind of story build, which is followed up by some terribly written inner conflicts.  Then to top it off, the final episodes reveal some somewhat interesting element and no real conclusion.

I could let the lack of story slide if the show had another hook included within it.  Perhaps humor, action, or even romance.  Except 2wei only manages to create some good action scenes, even if limited.  Sure, it may have attempted to be funny, but it ultimately failed miserably at that.  For the most part it relied on awkward situations created by the young antagonist creating sexual tension where it shouldn’t have been.

While the story and content may fail miserably in this second season, one aspect still remains good in the Fate/kaleid series. The animation during battles give a mixture of solid animation and CG that makes it come to life. There’s no denying that when the fur flies, they can do some amazing combat sequences.

Outside of combat, the quality drops to average. Mainly due to wonky character designs and odd color choices. Though it’s still good.  Strong camera angles and depth of field to an environment still makes the long and painful “plot” sequences entertaining to an extent.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei continues where its previous installment left off, and didn’t really go anywhere from there. A lackluster first cour to the second season that bored me to tears, and even managed to make me question the mindset of its creator. With elementary school girls locked in overly suggestive situations and poor writing in the story that is almost non-existent, I can’t recommend this show in any form.




  • Good battle animation
  • Good visuals


  • No real story or progression
  • Entire focus on forced and bad yuri
  • No conclusion what soever.
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