First Impressions: I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying


As otaku, some of us are so into our love for anime that it often may be perceived as an oddity to the ones we love. In this new short series based off a 4-panel comic, we get quite a comical perspective from a woman now married to one such otaku.

Hajime and Kaoru aren’t quite sure why they got married. Kaoru believes that it’s possibly because they know each other’s faults and that there is no gap between their ideals and reality. Though despite that, she feels they were able to find love.

In reality, it seems like their marriage was a fluke and merely a way to find some convenience of partnership. They don’t seem to understand each other and quite often find the faults of themselves. However, that’s in all relationships.. right?

Being a short, there really isn’t much to say for the story. It centers around a wife who, by some odd chance, bagged herself the lowest marriage material possible; a die-hard otaku.

e1cantunderstandmyhusband4Being from a 4-panel comic, it really feels like it. In the same vein as shows like Lucky Star, it jumps from scene to scene in order to get to the next joke. Once the joke is done, it wastes no time moving to the next.

Thankfully, most of these jokes are quite comical, though some are jokes that have been done before and it doesn’t try hard to be very clever. Despite that, there are a few points where I did get quite a chuckle.

In the end, it is a short, roughly 2-3 minutes long. It’s funny, although mostly old overplayed jokes. I’d recommend checking it out as it’s not much investment and it’s sure to give a true otaku some laughs.

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Episode 1: How I Got Into Hobbies I Don’t Understand



It’s okay..


  • Some laughs to be had
  • Cute concept
  • Short, low time investment


  • Some overplayed jokes

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