New Advertisement Banner for Aldnoah.Zero Surfaces


Following a call out by the Aldnoah.Zero Twitter account,  a banner popped up at Shinjuku Station for the highly anticipated continuation of the series. Thanks to @2ji_tsu_ke on Twitter, we have the banner art in question that may shed some light on where the show will go from here!

aldnoahzero2In the artwork, we see Slaine still wearing his Vers uniform, despite what has transpired between the two factions and what has befallen his beloved.  He’s also aboard a vessel with his Aldnoah Kataphrakt behind him.  Perhaps the most interesting element is the Vers soldier that is following in service behind him. Thus continuing speculation that Slaine could in fact take control of a squad of Vers soldiers.  To what extent remains to be seen.

As previously noted, Aldnoah.Zero will continue in the Winter 2015 season starting in January. So what do you think of the banner art? Is there any conclusions you can draw from it?