Episode 17 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


As the battle against the King of the Giants continues, the remaining servants back on the surface seem to be dwindling at a rapid pace.  The fear begins to set in as to if the heroes will be able to save the world in time.

Time is running out, and Kirito is in dire need of a plan to take down the king faster.  Strategic combos, skill combines, and brute strength manages to whittle him down, but not fast enough.  Though the king himself isn’t standing idle as he unleashes a devastating freeze breath followed by a ground pound that sends the entire party flying.

With little options at hand, Freyja steps forward with an idea.  The treasure she sought to reclaim from the king’s collection may be the key to surviving.  As Kirito and Leafa searches, Sinon holds off the king with an assault to be reckoned with.  When the hammer turns out to be none other than the hammer of Thor himself, things turn for the better for the team as they rely on a new strength to bury the King of the Giants before them.

While full of action, this episode was rather lacking in interesting elements.  There was a few scenes of good combat animation and a touching moment involving Yui in the later part of the episode, but the rest remained rather lacking.

It’s mainly in the conclusion of the battle that left me a bit disappointed.  While it was a bit comical in how it came about, similar to previous fights, there just didn’t seem to be much effort put into the tactics used.  Sword Art Online has always had battles that have interesting mechanics or tactics put into play in order to make them interesting, but all of the battles in this (very short) arc have all been rather plain and slash-fests with no real flavor to them.

Perhaps as we roll into the next arc we will get some new flavor added to the mix.  As it stands now, I’m growing more and more disappointed in this series.  Which I really don’t like saying, as I’ve always liked the franchise in the past.  Even if I’ve had a few misgivings here and there.

Episode 17: Excaliber





  • Decent action
  • A few chuckles


  • Uninspired battle design
  • Bit anti-climactic

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