Episode 18 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Pain of loss and recovery. The first serious encounter between Night Raid and the Jaegers took quite a toll on the assassins. However, there’s still an Imperial City to save. Where does our Night Raid crew go from here?

e18akamegakill1Kyoroch. Night Raid’s focus shifts back to the city where the religious organization has its headquarters. Simultaneously, the Jaegers get assigned with the mission to protect Borick, Night Raid’s target.┬áThis allows the Rakshasa Demons, Borick’s personal troops, to go on the offense and hunt down Night Raid. Meanwhile, a desperate Kurome struggles with her injuries, refusing to be disposed of.

Elsewhere, the Night Raid assassins start surveying Kyoroch. They fail to remain unnoticed by the Rakshasa Demons, ushering in some matchups. Akame deals with the flexible Ibara, while Lubbock takes out Sten and Mez. When Esdeath catches wind of Night Raid’s success, her bloodthirst rises, hinting at the next Night Raid-Jaegers fight. But what does the prediction of the Path of Peace’s founder mean exactly? Are Tatsumi and Mein destined lovers?

e18akamegakill2Sigh. I highlighted the lack of characterization in this series before, and this episode really suffered because of its absence. Here we have the Rakshasa Demons. Or should I say “had”. Being reduced to just one member in a single episode, they’re nothing but a memory already. Their characters felt empty and, naturally, so did their deaths. Granted, the action was cool. Especially Lubbock’s strings, which I thoroughly enjoy because it’s a rather unique ability. Unfortunately, that was the only part I enjoyed in this episode…

Even the possibility of Tatsumi ending up with the abusive tsundere Mein has me rolling my eyes. Esdeath might kill Mein as a result of that relationship; an outcome I’m not particularly against. But sorry guys, I really didn’t like this one. Plug-in info on Tatsumi’s strings, Borick who stereotypically abuses women… I’m really just waiting for the Revolution to take place. Next week holds some promise though according to the preview, which showcases a showdown between Mein and Seryuu…

Episode 18: Kill the Demon





  • Action


  • Poor characterization
  • Plug-in info that came too late (Lubbock)
  • Tatsumi x Mein (generic)

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