Episode 18 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


The details on the next update for the New Aincrad is out, and on top of everything, floors 21 to 30 have been unlocked. For a typical player it means more adventure to be had, but for Asuna, it means a return to home.

While speaking to Agil at his bar, Asuna and Kirito learn about how he met his wife online. When Sword Art Online came out, they only had money for one NervGear, and Agil won the chance to try it first. Something he’ll never regret.

On that subject, Asuna opens up on her feelings around the time of SAO’s release. How she didn’t like her family and felt like she had no place she belonged. However Kirito gave her a place to call home, and soon didn’t want to leave SAO in fear of losing it all.

In response to the topic, Agil points out to the couple that the recent update for New Aincrad unlocks floors 21-30. Which is convenient because Asuna and Kirito’s home they bought was on floor 22 of the old Aincrad. Leading them to form a party and break through to floor 22 as quickly as possible.

Later the group sits down to do some homework, but only end up getting into a long conversation about a duelist called Zekken.

A surprisingly good episode overall. I enjoyed finally getting some insight into a few characters, including even Agil. It also managed to make me eat my words by having the girls in the show actually socialize together for once. While it was mostly plot dump and once again about Kirito, there was a couple of jabs at Asuna’s “rich girl” life.

Just when I thought the show was done with exploring Asuna, it catches me off-guard with her dealings in the real world. Forced marriage, hating her family, finding a home with Kirito, not wanting the original SAO to end. Them reaching their old home was very emotional and I enjoyed it.

While the Zekken talk was rather boring (for the moment), it was interesting to learn that Kirito had fought with him. I’m really curious about his identity and what makes him so special. Although I’m assuming the big reveal will be that it’s a girl as they were very sure to keep the gender hidden. Which is only needed when it’s a girl. Yay for another lost puppy?!

Episode 18: Forest House





  • Asuna developed
  • Some emotional moments


  • Slightly off paced
  • Zekken info dump

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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