Episode 4 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


With his classmates in danger, Shinichi makes a difficult decision in isolating himself as the likely target for A. After using desks as defense, he soon finds his new fort to be his coffin as A leaps through the nearby window and readies his assault.

Now in closed quarters with A, a barrage of attacks come at Shinichi at lightning speeds. The only thing protecting him is the defensive stance Migi takes in ensuring no threat reaches him. This brings up the next part of this new tactic. While A is focused on attacking through Migi’s defense, Shinichi will deal the killing blow.

Putting all trust in Migi, Shinichi walks forward towards A slowly. After realizing that it’s “kill or be killed”, he grabs his weapon and stabs A through the heart, ending the fight and causing A to flee. While A seeks to transfer to Tamiya’s host, she greets him with an explosive trap, killing him.

e4parasytethemaxim3After the incident, Shinichi returns home unscathed. Although his family begins to worry about him. His mother, who was once burned after protecting him, often believes that he’s pushing her away. Though this is all because Shinichi is trying to keep them from knowing about Migi. As Migi will not hesitate to kill them in order to protect himself and his host from any danger.

Though this exorcize of caution would be better suited for Migi as he attempts new experiments during the day and night.  Practicing separating himself (along with Shinichi’s arm) and moving separate from his host, though only for a short time.  He also seems adept to transforming into a pistol.

Quite an intense battle to kick off the episode. Seeing Shinichi’s change was quite abrupt and quite a welcome change to a standard protagonist taking 10 episodes to kick the innocence. Now with blood on his hands, it should be a bit more interesting for him going forward.

e4parasytethemaxim6With Tamiya no longer trying to stay hidden among the school, her future is very uncertain.  While she talks about experimenting on her baby and even eating it, I’m curious if she will grow fond of the child instead.  It would be an interesting route for sure.

The final bit of intrigue in this episode was the definitely in the comment Tamiya made about Shinichi’s purity.  She gazed into his eyes and seen some sort of flow of blood or infection of sort. I’m curious what exactly caused her to keep from attacking him in favor of observation.  Perhaps Shinichi is becoming more of a parasyte and will gain more of their ability, or perhaps Migi is taking over.

Definitely a lot to think about going forward.  I can’t wait.

Episode 4: Disheveled Hair





  • Shinichi’s evolution
  • Blood stained hands
  • Mother element for Tamiya


  • None

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