Episode 4 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The hunt continues for the demon realm in finding the rogue Amira who stole the god key. Though it seems they have lost sight of her around Nebelville. Unfortunately things are about to turn sour as Amira is forced to leap into action once more.

As Amira and Favaro enter the port town of Ysmenport, Favaro has his sights set on finding a boat to take them to Helheim. After being turned away by many boats, he finally finds a short eery man who leads them to Amon’s ship. Much to Favaro’s surprise who thought he was dead.

Turns out Amon is an old friend of Favaro’s dad, who was present during the caravan’s attack. Thanks to his father saving Amon, Favaro is secured a ride to Helheim in return for the favor.

In a conversation with each other, Favaro reveals the big betrayal he and Kaisar went through. Favaro and Kaisar were good friends when they were younger, so much that Kaisar trusted him. While Kaisar believes that Favaro revealed the secret about the caravan his father lead, something else may have been the trigger for the ambush that is beyond both of their control.

On Kaisar’s side, after entering Ysmenport, he meets the same eery man who shows him to yet another ship. Though for him, he ends up aboard a ship filled with bandits who take them hostage. Although him and Rita aren’t what you would call easy prey.

Quite an interesting episode but also a very broken one at the same time. I enjoyed finally getting a full rundown of the conflict between Favaro and Kaisar, as well as full reveals on just what happened, but at the same time the betrayal felt a bit poorly written. Just a typical best friends in arms throwing away bonds for power. It’s fine, but I was expecting a bit more to merit what happened.

There was quite a few comical moments in the episode that really helped break up the tension in the air. As well as some decent combat scenes. Though dealing with the large crap was a bit lackluster of an encounter. Seeing Rita bring in a horde of zombies and even zombie crab was quite epic.

I’m very interested to see just how the gang will deal with the new threat of the demons, and more so how Favaro will weigh in everything, but that’s for the next episode to decide!

Episode 4: Reunion at Ysmenport





  • Very comical moments
  • Decent action
  • Favaro and Kaisar’s past
  • Zombie crabs!


  • Shallow betrayal

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