Episode 4 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


After dropping the big love confession, things seem a bit awkward between Erika and Kyoya. However thanks to a big revelation shortly after leaving Kyoya’s house, it seems Erika’s resolve has been resparked.

While leaving Kyoya’s house in pretty bad shape, Erika has a run-in with the girl who she bumped into while visiting Kyoya. While Kyoya used to fool around, according to the girl, he seems to be done as he “got a dog.” While most would take that as insulting, Erika sees that as her being chosen and rushes back to him.

After restating her love for Kyoya, she also claims that she won’t give up. Instead she will fight to gain his affection. Something that is a bit easier said than done as Kyoya gives off a mischievous smirk in anticipation of what she will do.

Shortly following this incident, Erika meets Kyoya’s old friend Hibiya Takeru. A very spirited man with an energetic personality. Even more so, he’s also a very caring man. Along with Takeru’s help, Erika tries many things in order to win Kyoya over. However all of them seem to have the opposite effect in the end.

I’m sort of mixed on this episode in the end. While I like the antics and silliness that came with Erika trying to win over Kyoya’s heart, it also was one of those episodes that further pushed the element of how harmful Kyoya is to Erika.

It’s a sweet idea. Girl in love with a boy and trying to win him over, but at the same time it also is a testament to knowing when to give up or not. Just seeing how hurt Erika gets is crushing, and to be stepped on over and over by Kyoya becomes painful to watch. ¬†Although I did appreciate Kyoya’s statement of being the one to decide when he falls in love.

So while this episode showed its best side in cute antics in Erika’s struggle, it also showed its darker side in how unbelievable her venture is. Hopefully next time around we will get a better showing of more lighthearted elements rather than such unbelievable torment.

Episode 4: Daily Anguish – Love Attack





  • Some cute moments
  • Erika’s silly actions


  • Torment¬†element unenjoyable
  • Erika’s struggle becoming unbelievable
  • Riding the “payoff” element too much

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