Episode 4 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


The kingdom is definitely facing some serious heat as questions finally arise on who will take the throne with King Il’s murder behind them.  Puppet masters pulling strings and opposing factions being put under a strong-arm.

With Yona in tow, Hak finally arrives at the only place he can feel safe. His home town Capital Fuuga, the Wind Clan. Upon entering the town, he’s relieved to find that word of King Il’s death has not yet reached there. Giving Yona a cover story, he calls her Rina and claims she’s a court lady in training. Though shortly after arriving, she collapses from her long journey.

Hak soon finds that Elder Mun-deok had recently left Fuuga to attend a meeting at the castle along with the other 4 tribe leaders. At the meeting, each of the elders learn of King Il’s murder along with Hak and Yona’s disappearance. The Fire Tribe leader quickly claims that Hak could have murdered the king and taken Yona as a hostage. Although the other Tribe leaders don’t seem to take quickly to the idea.

e4yonaofthedawn8When Su-won enters the meeting, he quickly dispels the rumor starting by asking that all matters regarding the murder be placed on him and his advisors. Also that word of the murder not spread as it would cause unrest and possibly war to come from surrounding kingdoms.

It’s at this time that Su-won’s rise to king is requested to be approved among the tribe leaders, although Mun-deok refuses, causes his immediate crowning to be postponed. But this decision would soon haunt him as the nearby Fire Tribe, which are backing the murder behind the scenes, begins to put pressure on the supply lines and water to the Wind Tribe.

e4yonaofthedawn5Quite a refreshing episode to walk into after a long and grueling journey for Hak and Yona.  Finally taking a moment to breathe, we got to know a bit about Hak and his hometown.  The meeting also yielded quite a bit of insight into the construction of the 5 tribes and their allegiances going forward.  It’s obvious that the Fire Tribe will lead to some pretty nasty fighting going forward.

It’s nice to see that, unlike another show on this season, Yona didn’t take long to break from her typical princess ways.  She’s quickly realizing her situation, and while not jumping into action, she understands that she’s not going to have everything handed to her anymore.

I hope Hak doesn’t end up leaving Yona behind, I am half expecting that some heat will soon hit the Wind Tribe and he’ll be forced to take arms up in Fuuga.  Making the Wind Clan his new small army of people.  But I guess we’ll see how that unfolds.

Episode 4: The Wind Clan





  • Political intrigue
  • Easy to follow tribe layout
  • A quick breather for Hak/Yona
  • Diving into Hak’s hometown


  • None

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