Episode 5 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


It seems the good nature of Shirou will be the end of him as he continues to not take the situation he’s in serious enough. Much to Rin’s dislike. Although he’s in for yet another rude awakening as his school is under attack from the shadows.

Shirou, believing that school is a safe place to be due to Masters not liking to attack in public, asks Saber to stay behind. Though she’s against the idea, she asks that he use his commands if anything should arise.  Even if Saber is forced to respect her Master’s wishes, Shirou would later be greeted by a glaring eye from Rin who takes note of Saber’s absence.

Later, while hanging with Issei in the student council office, Shirou ends up getting filled in on a recent student going missing. Mitsuzuri Ayako, the Archery club leader. The suspect in question to e5fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks10this missing case seems to be Shinji who was last seen with her arguing.  Being an old friend of his, Shirou takes it upon himself to investigate a bit.

While hanging around the school long after its early closing, Shirou finds himself alone in front of Rin. Upset at his lack of preparation, she sets her sights on ending him with her magic alone. Though the two aren’t entirely alone as it seems a Servant awaits nearby to strike.

A big portion of this episode’s story seem to be focused on mage families and Shirou’s father. Rin is the case of standard mage upbringing and the harshness of it, while Shirou is the case of a “broken” upbringing (according to Rin).

e5fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks12It’s a sad thing that while Rin believes she was sculpted correctly, her childhood was filled with sadness. At the same time, Shirou was raised not to be bound by rules, and only taught strengthening magic. While also having a strong sense of justice and protecting life.

These are crucial in establishing how these characters act and it’s all told without really becoming preachy or boring. Only enhanced by the altercation both of them have throughout the center 3rd part of the episode as Rin becomes frustrated with his naivety.  Even on into the later segments when Shirou once again shows his protective side.

Great Episode overall and thankfully Ufotable remains strong in the adaptation as I’m still enjoying it immensely. Well paced, masterfully presented, and never letting up.  Oh, and lots of Rin Tsundere faces!

Episode 5: Dancing After School





  • Great battles
  • Amazing presentation
  • Rin and Shirou progressed
  • Insight into mage families


  • None

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