Episode 5 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


Shinichi might be in the clear after a near battle with Tamiya, but it seems sometimes humans are more disgusting than parasytes as Shinichi has a run in with a local gang.

While walking to school, Shinichi spots a group of men beating up Nagai from his school. Unable to turn his back on the situation, he tells them to stop, which leads to him getting beat up. Though his unwillingness to back down causes him to receive continued beating. Only stopped by a girl name Kana who steps in.

Later at school, a group of Nagai’s friends thank Shinichi for standing up for him. Claiming the next time Mitsuo’s crew gives him trouble that they would back him up. Whether he likes it or not, he seems to be brought into a gang rivalry. Even catching the interest of one of the gang member’s girl, Kana, who seems interested in his willingness not to run away.

e5parasytethemaxim09This continues later when Mitsuo’s crew take Murano hostage and continue their assault on Shinichi. While he fights to keep Migi from joining in, which would be the death of everyone, Nagai and his friends luckily show up to overpower them.

Elsewhere, a parasyte is involved in a car accident while in disguise as a woman. This leads to it having to take on the husband’s body as its new host which proves to be a failure. While hunting for another female host, it comes across a couple that prove to be the best fit.

Migi definitely brings in a very surprising twist to each situation that Shinichi is thrown in. e5parasytethemaxim11Constantly trying to do good, but only leading to more terrible situations. Getting involved in rivalries is definitely not one of his best choices even if it’s the right choice for the moment.

This is because, while he can easily slaughter them all with Migi, doing so would only lead to more problems. If he uses it while Murano is hostage, Murano would be one of the ones killed by Migi as she would know the truth. It’s unsettling and it’s what makes this show great.

I am a bit curious if Kana will play a role later, or if she was just an odd inclusion for the moment.  They seemed to put a lot of attention on her and her odd perception to Shinichi’s “impurity.”

Though most would claim that the final moments of this episode was indeed the most emotional part of this episode, which I would agree. The new host for the parasyte, while predictable (thanks opening), was still impactful. Shinichi’s mental state was terrifying and well done. I just really hope they don’t drag it out. Of course, I was half expecting Migi to execute his new technique of disconnecting himself and destroying his target.

Episode 5: The Stranger





  • Strong emotion
  • Conflict of Migi interfering
  • The conclusion


  • Opening spoilers come true

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