Episode 5 Impressions: Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Christmas is coming up, and with it comes dreams of romantic dates with that special loved one. Though things aren’t so glamorous for Erika as she attempts to get Kyoya to see the special side to the season.

As the girls gossip about plans for the Christmas season, Erika puts back on her wolf-like ears to claim that she and Kyoya have planned some great moments together for their time away from school. Although, unfortunately for her, Kyoya doesn’t seem to like anything having to do with the season. Vouching for the mentality that it’s all a ploy created by businesses.

Thankfully, he doesn’t seem against the idea of helping her with her issue in getting a photo for her friends in front of a decorated tree. After doing so, she becomes ill thanks to the pressures of her love for Kyoya after looking at their romantic selfie.

In response, Kyoya brings her into a nearby cafe and runs off to get her some stomach e5wolfgirlandblackprince5medication. After she settles down, she asks him how he truly feels about her. Surprisingly, he responds that he really does like her and that he’s been too embarrassed to admit it.

Erika is overjoyed to tears, and after composing herself, she starts planning a romantic time together for Christmas day. However Kyoya bluntly changes his composure and questions if he can “Stop this monkey game.”

My gosh, the ultimate Tsundere is born. Though I think Kyoya would give Tsundere a bad name. I’ve experienced a lot of stories and experienced a lot of characters, even the most deadly and psychotic don’t hold a match to how much I detest Kyoya’s character.

e5wolfgirlandblackprince7Sure he probably has some reason for his actions, sure he probably really likes Erika, but he’s still dirt and it makes me ill watching him. Even in the last moments where he “redeems” himself, I’m not happy. I’m not happy for Erika and I honestly don’t find her character believable at all after everything that has happened in this episode.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what the writer is going for here. The big “pay off” moment later when Kyoya breaks down his barriers and reveals his reasoning before “fixing.” However it’s the journey that should be somewhat enjoyable. This one’s journey is painful.

It’s the ultimate conundrum for a reviewer.  Does the show do well in creating drama?  Sure it does.  Does the show move me in some way?  Yes, in a terrible way.  Does that make it a good show?  If I’m not enjoying it, probably not.  However in the end, I’m drawn to wanting to see it conclude.  Though the conclusion I desire is Erika moving on, and I highly doubt that’s what is planned in a genre that is as predictable as a Magical Girl.

Episode 5: An Impregnable Defense




  • Lots of drama
  • Emotional


  • Kyoya is dirt
  • Erika is a tool
  • Masochist meets Sadist

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