Episode 6 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yona’s new passion may be fiery and intimidating, but she’ll need a lot more than a new mind-frame to get herself and Hak out of their sticky situation. Though her new transformation is nothing to scoff at.

As Hak hangs from the nearby cliff, Yona springs into action and rushes to aid him. Though Tae-jun denies her that right by grabbing her by the hair, she cuts it clean off and continues her rush. Once near Hak, she fights frantically to keep the guards at bay. The guards, unwilling to harm the princess, are left confused as to what to do. Even though Yona tries to pull Hak to safety, her efforts are useless as she’s dragged off the cliff with him.

This leaves Tae-jun shattered. Unwilling to accept her death, he nearly jumps off the cliff in a mindless effort to help her. Even later when he meets with Su-won, he demands to be punished as he blames himself for her death.

While Su-won seems visibly shocked by the news of Yona’s death, he has no time to mourn as the people of the kingdom gather.  He is finally crowned king and kicks things off by shouting strength into his people in order for them to rise as a power once again.

There seems to be a continued effort in humanizing Su-won, despite his betrayal. While they did manage to spell out his plans for betrayal back in their past, I can’t help but feel conflicted on his development. I certainly hope they make an effort later in really diving into his character and why he made such a dramatic choice. Granted his father’s murder is a troubling thing, to betray everyone and murder someone takes quite a bit of convincing.

The part about this episode that left me the most troubled was Tae-jun’s development. They’ve spent so much time making him out to be a comical addition that his shattered feelings upon Yona’s supposed death was hard to accept. I feel that if they made him out differently, his response to this would have been much more impactful. Even still, his actions surprised me in a good way as I nearly feel sorry for him.

While I’m troubled by some more misplaced humor, I’m excited to see more of Yona’s newfound strength.  With two new additions to the character roster, it’ll be interesting to see how the new chemistry is.

Episode 7: Red Hair





  • Two new additions
  • Strong build for Yona
  • Surprising character changes


  • Tae-jun’s development
  • Misplaced humor

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