Episode 7 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


Shinichi may feel alone in a world filled with humans and hidden man-eating parasytes, but he’s soon to learn how wrong he is as he encounters another strange case of a failed parasyte.

After chasing down what Shinichi believes is his mother, he comes to discover that the parasyte was in fact a failed hosting attempt.  Like Shinichi and Migi, the man before him is a co-existing man and parasyte.

Uda Mamoru tells Shinichi his story, that one day while contemplating suicide after his life left him, he couldn’t muster the courage to leap from a cliff.  However when the parasyte leaped into his neck to climb into his brain, Mamoru fell from the cliff and into the water.  Knowing the body the parasyte jumped into would soon die, he chose to remain in his throat and syphon air into his host.  Thus “Parasite,” as Mamoru call him, now resides in his lower chin.

e7parasytethemaxim08After Shinichi and Mamoru get caught up with each other, Mamoru promises to help Shinichi in his fight to kill the parasyte that hosts his mother’s body.  Though it doesn’t take long for Mamoru to run into the parasyte and thus informs Shinichi.  Shinich rushes to find Mamoru as he is not informed that parasytes will kill failed parasytes without hesitation.

Mamoru and Parasite are quite the odd couple.  I have to admit that the show really killed some serious emotional build up with the inclusion of Mamoru at this point.  While it served a good purpose in allowing Mamoru to aid in Shinichi’s struggle, I guess I was just on an emotion high at this point in the show that this was a bit of a brick wall.

e7parasytethemaxim12Despite that, it was nice to see that Shinichi wasn’t alone in his struggle and the episode had a great bit of reveals in Migi having lost 30% of himself in the effort to save Shinichi’s life.  I’m very curious to see if that is strictly in explaining his newfound power, or if the remaining 30% could result in Shinichi losing a part of himself later.

Finally seeing Shinichi take matters into his own hands marks a great progression in his character that I’m excited to see more of in the future.  The show did a great job in transitioning from weak geek Shinichi, to strong and mature Shinichi.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at his return home with Kana and Murano shocked to see him.  While Kana not so much, I’m curious what their plans are with her.  Hopefully not just to cause tension between Murano and Shinichi.

Episode 7: Dark Night’s Passing





  • Shinichi’s evolution
  • Great conclusions
  • An ally for Shinichi


  • Love triangle in making?
  • Misplaced introduction

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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