Episode 7 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yona has quite a road ahead of her. Though to take on a kingdom will be no easy task, so her journey will require allies. Allies of legendary proportions. Allies that would be assumed lost to generations.

While Hak continues to rest and faces a fever that could take his life, Yona is forced to leave her trust in Yun. While he’s no doctor, he’s very knowledgable, despite his harsh attitude. However it’s through his attitude that Yona realizes her faults from being sheltered so long. Her lack of knowledge in common things.

After formally thanking Yun for saving her life, she asks him to tell her of the priests. How they once held more power than the kings themselves, influencing rulings and even wars. During King Junam’s reign, the Kouka Kingdom was expanding, and Prince Yu-hong was a major player in this move. But Yu-hong found the priests’ influence as a nuisance and drove them from the kingdom.

Upon Hak recovering, Ik-su finally has his vision for Yona’s future. It says that the Four Dragons and the Red Dragon would return at dawn. What this means for Yona is that her journey will be dangerous, and that the help of the four dragons would be needed.

e7yonaofthedawn05In legends, the red dragon god took human form as the first Kouka King, Hiryuu. Humans became corrupt and sought power, so they nearly look Hiryuu’s life. The four dragons descended from heaven desiring to kill the humans and take the red dragon back. However in his love for the people who despised him, he declined the dragons. In response, the four dragons gave their blood to four warriors that would protect him until the day he slumbered.

While one would assume the four warriors would pass as well, it seems Yona will have to seek them out. Though they aren’t entirely sure if they exist or if they would be willing to aid Yona in her struggle.

e7yonaofthedawn09This episode manages to explain quite a bit of what’s happening in the future clips. A warrior with giant claws, one with defensive skill, one with incredible sight, and one who can leap great heights. With Yona now desiring to learn how to fight, Hak’s great talent, and the inclusion of a medic in Yun, we have quite the dream team to come.

I am a bit curious as to the significance of Yun’s telling of the priests being thrown out of the kingdom by Yu-hong. With Yu-hong’s supposed murder, I’m wondering if this is foreshadowing that the priests themselves were the cause of his death. Even more so, if Su-won is being controlled by that very same group. Though this is all speculation.

With Yun being a new recruit, it seems he’s next up on the plate for some development. I’ll be interested to see more of his and Ik-su’s story in the coming episode. ¬†Though I can already hear the yaoi fans.

Episode 7: God’s Will





  • 4 warriors explained
  • Yona’s future revealed
  • Yona’s change in character


  • Lots of information (easy to follow)

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