Episode 9 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


Despite finally puttingĀ some closure to his recent tragedies, Shinichi is far from returning to a normal life as his newly changed body and the threat of parasytes remain in tact.

While walking about the streets, Kana ends up sensing a nearby schoolmate of Shinichi’s named Shimada. Though she senses something about him that is dangerous. Not dangerous enough for Mitsuo, the bully that once harassed Shinichi, to jump in and challenge him. Though Shimada is obviously not human, and thankfully for Mitsuo, he doesn’t want attention.

After returning home from school, Shinichi ends up walking in on a group of government officials discussing something with his father. It comes to light later through his father’s confession that he does in fact know that his wife was killed by a monster. Apparently there’s a group of government officials that are aware of the monsters and are actively pursuing them.

One such member of this group is Yuko’s brother, a sketch artist. Though coincidentally enough, despite the government’s attempts, Yuko herself seems to be hot on the trail of one such parasyte. While becoming interested in Shimada, Yuko ends up catching a glimpse of him transforming into another man. Though she’s shocked, hearing of the case by her brother, she bravely confronts Shimada in order to see if he indeed is a monster and seeking to kill humans. Namely her friends.

Quite a painful episode to kick off the new Shinichi with. Not only is there an ongoing feeling of threat to a close character, but also an emotionally unstable Shinichi to throw wrenches into his own love life. At the same time, it seems we are finally seeing the government’s take on the whole situation.

e8parasytethemaxim06Shimada definitely seems like he’ll become the catalyst for everything to be revealed to the cast. Unless I’m mistaken by the previews for the next episode, I would think that a good deal of the cast will come to know Shinichi’s secret. How Migi will respond to that with his newfound emotions remains to be seen.

While I can’t help but facepalm at Shinichi’s emotional outburst, it seems they are really playing on him becoming effected by the changes happening inside his head. Possibly to the point of him becoming an outsider. Though I’m curious to see how much Murano cares for him and if she’ll fight to get him back.

So much revealed in this episode and so much to discuss, but most of it will take time to really unfold before it matters. The government seems to be taking action, the parasytes seem to be taking note, and Shinichi’s life continues to fall apart. It’s hard to tell what direction this show will go next. Which is exciting.

Episode 9: Beyond Good and Evil





  • Shinichi showing up gang
  • GreatĀ transition to Yuko’s perspective
  • Visuals holding up
  • Shinichi’s internal struggle


  • None

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