Episode 8 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yun and Ik-su have quite a background together. One that wasn’t so apparent to begin with. As Ik-su requests a big favor of Yona, these elements of their time together come into play as they struggle with their future.

After discovering that Yona is set on obtaining allies in the four dragons, Ik-su requests that she take Yun along with her on her journey. Something that she will soon find difficult to ask of Yun. This is because she quickly sees the love that Yun has for Ik-su.

Realizing the burden he had placed on Yona, Ik-su is forced to confront Yun himself. Though before he can, Yun overhears their conversation and is quite upset over it.

This is because Ik-su has been a center point in Yun’s life for a long time. Being left alone and starving in poverty, Yun met Ik-su when he tried to mug him for money. Though Ik-su had none e8yonaofthedawn07because he had already given it away. Being a traveling priest, his gifts were always quickly given away, or stolen.

Though, after Yun treats the injury Ik-su receives, the following day Ik-su brings him food obtained by trading away his boots. The kindness in Ik-su changes Yun’s heart, and after being taught to make sandals, Yun begins living by trading sandals for food. Though he always felt even more alone after Ik-su left him.

That’s why, when Ik-su returns to tell Yun goodbye for good, Yun pleads for him to take him with him. To stay together and never be alone again. A choice that would soon have to be broken as Yun decides his future in the present time.

e8yonaofthedawn09What a beautiful episode filled with some solid character progression. Despite some fears, I really found their bond to be a beautiful and precious story. I even got a mountain of respect for Ik-su out of the deal.

Ik-su is a true giver that warms my heart. The moment I seen his bare feet, I knew he had given up his comfort for another’s joy. Even though his falling over got quite old fast, he was still a treasure to have explored more of.

Yun on the other hand had quite a brutal life. Seeing him change from a starving boy, to a self standing child through determined learning was great. Even with his snarky attitude, I feel his knowledge will play a great role in the future of the show. Though his snarky attitude will probably also add quite a bit to the chemistry of Yona and Hak. Hopefully it doesn’t get overplayed though.

Episode 8: The Chosen Door





  • Great character building
  • Emotional backstory
  • Good pacing


  • None

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