Episode 9 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


Tuxedo Mask is in danger as he sits lifeless in Sailor Moon’s arms. All hope seems lost and Kunzite still has his eyes set on the Legendary Silver Crystal.

As Sailor Moon is crushed by her dying love in her arms, her cries unleash an unknown power from within her. Her appearance begins to change until she sits draped in what can only be the identity of the one and only Princess Serenity.

With this comes a flood of memories. The story of the Moon Kingdom and Earth many years before. Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom had fallen in love with the first Prince of the Earth, Endymion. As their forbidden love went on, a dark and sinister force had corrupted the humans into attacking the Moon Kingdom.

e9sailormooncrystal4As Princess Serenity came under attack, Prince Endymion defended her and lost his life. Though all seemed lost and the Moon Kingdom fell, everyone was sent to Earth to be reborn in order to protect the Legendary Silver Crystal and hope to be reunited once again.

Back at the present time, a light comes forth from Princess Serenity. The Legendary Silver Crystal manifests before her and a light from it drops onto Tuxedo Mask. Queen Beryl, seeing this, teleports to their location in order to steal it away.

e9sailormooncrystal9This episode was quite a reveal episode as we seen both Princess Serenity born, Endymion awakened, the Crystal manifested, and the entire backstory of Earth and the Moon Kingdom. I hope everyone was able to keep up!

What’s great is that, unlike other shows, they managed to keep the show flowing with simple visuals while telling the story rather than just throw a bunch of dialog at the viewer with little happening on the screen.

I have to commend the work they did on Serenity’s awakening as the screams were haunting from Usagi. Really heartbreaking. Added with that, the visual styling was well-kept together for the most part, only drifting off in quality in a few places.

I also enjoyed the subtle moment the sailor scouts had with Usagi in her room, cutting and grooming her hair.  It was a brief moment of quiet before the storm ahead.  Though I was half expecting Usagi to ask “How do we get to the moon?” after announcing their journey.

An excellent episode overall!

Episode 9: SERENITY -Princess-





  • Strong emotion
  • Good reveals
  • Birth of Serenity


  • Few wonky animation points

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