Episode 10 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


No matter how much we fight to protect the ones we love, there are limits to what we can face.  For Adolf, this is something he doesn’t want to believe as he fights desperately to protect his new family.  A family that won’t leave his side.

e10terraformars12Warning: This episode impressions include major spoilers to this episode. Please do not read on unless you have seen Episode 10 of Terraformars.

Even after dealing a fatal blow to the terraformar leader, it seems they are versed in resuscitation using chest compressions.  After reviving their leader, he signals an all out attack on Adolf.  Fearing for Eva’s life, he uses every last bit of his energy to protect her.  Even going so far as becoming a human shield as large rocks are flung in his direction.

After succumbing to his injuries, Eva is left to grieve over his mutilated corpse.  Though it seems he has the last laugh as the terraformars move in to claim their new technology that they will soon steal for combat.  The Germans, having put so much knowledge into their human eel, aren’t too keen on others stealing it.  As a beep is heard from his cold body, the terraformars flee the area.  However Eva remains, not wanting to leave her love.

Well, I would say “What a tragic loss”, but I honestly thought he died about 5 times now. Adolf was truly an epic character amongst a lackluster cast. With him gone, it’s going to be hard to really care about this show going forward. Well, at least we still have Michelle.

I got really invested in the German team’s struggle. While it was mostly Adolf’s fight, you can’t really deny the entire team playing its role as Adolf found a family that he wanted to protect. As useless as the side characters are, they are his strength.

The final barrage of rocks was really brutal to watch. Even if censored, it was tragic and gruesome at the same time. There was also a side of me that finally felt it was his final stand as parts of him were carved away.  Then to see Eva’s emotional breakdown added only more  sadness to the mix.

e10terraformars08Even with the story of Adolf coming to an end, it was fun to see the roaches scurry away and not get their desired technology to steal. Allowing the German team to rest in peace without fear of being used against their own people.

RIP Adolf Reinhard. You were the rare moment this show had substance.  Though I will say, after snooping into some future manga, I’ve found something that may be interesting going forward.  Though I won’t say of course what it is.

Episode 10: Wish





  • Brutal moments
  • Strong emotion
  • Tragic end


  • Very uncertain series conclusion

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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