Episode 10 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


It seems that Yona is on the right track to finding her first of the four Dragon Blooded Warriors. However once inside the White Dragon town, fears arise as to if she’ll be seen as a fit king as no one is allowed to live once they find the village.

After Yona and Hak have Yun freed from his captivity, it becomes apparent that the citizens of the village are entranced by Yona’s hair. This is because the first of the White Dragon served a red-haired king.

While the village is filled with descendants of the White Dragon, only one is chosen to wield its power. The current one is Ki-ja, a man who was born with the scales upon his hand and claws of a dragon. Though he’s quite sheltered and kept safe for the sake of preventing his power to be used by others.

After becoming frustrated with not being allowed to protect the village, despite having god’s powers, Ki-ja confronts Yona and the others before being immediately overtaken by Yona’s hair. The sight of her throws his blood in reverse and the words of his bloodline flow through him. She is the one he was destined to follow.

e10yonaofthedawn05However Yona isn’t so willing to have his help as a master, but rather makes it clear that she desires his help to protect her friends. With that in mind, she questions if he still wishes to follow her.  But Ki-ja is not phased by this at all.

A very solid episode filled with some good introduction to our first Dragon and some great laughs.  While it does seem like Ki-ja will be a big push at Hak into jealousy over Yona, I feel it could lead to some good chemistry.  Mainly in that Ki-ja is pure and servant rounded.  Though it will also probably mean a lot of feat-comparing between the two.

I found granny to be a bit obnoxious at times, but in the end she both showed Ki-ja’s sheltered nature while providing some pretty saddening farewells.  I’m sure this sheltered aspect will lead to some assisting in explaining things to the viewer as he’s quite a bit more sheltered than even Yona at this point.  I just hope they don’t jump into Ki-ja being able to fight/kill people without hesitation.

Off we go to our next dragon as the show nears its half way point.  Still keeping a solid pace, I’m sure we’ll meet our entire cast by the 16 episode marker.  Then it’s off to take on Su-won, which at this point will be a pretty awesome payoff for Yona’s struggles.

Episode 10: Anticipation





  • Good comedy
  • Nice introduction to Ki-ja
  • Some touching moments


  • Fears of Hak/Ki-ja competition

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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