Episode 11 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


Even if the experience and new potentials seen the night before may seem like a step up for Shirou, the aftermath would see him severely crippled.  It seems the ability to manifest the swords that saved their lives has caused a lot of fatigue and numbness in his left side.

While Shirou manages to overcome some intense pain throughout the night, he doesn’t escape the fatigue and numbness in his body.  Shrugging it off, he continues his usual routine and returns to school.  Not surprising, Kuzuki is nowhere to be found.

Thanks to Shirou skipping out on their usual strategy meeting, Rin finds an excuse to pay him a visit back at home.  Much to his dislike, she manages to weezle her way into staying for the entire evening.

During her stay over, Rin manages to finally see a bit more into the different upbringing she had over Shirou.  Coming to understand Kiritsugu a bit e11fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks07more.  She also divulges her upbringing and her joy in learning magic.  Though after she inquires on Shirou’s reasons for learning magic-his selflessness-she becomes angered and claims he’s similar to someone else.

Following this, Rin makes herself at home and borrows the guest room to stay the night.  On top of that, she requests that Archer aid Shirou in his recent affliction.  Seeing as Archer and him both can deal in projection.

Another laid back episode to cool down from the recent battle from the previous episode.  While this episode seemed to be less juicy as other episodes, the e11fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks11interaction that Shirou and Rin had are crucial for them to understand each other and will be equally important for future events.

What didn’t make much sense in this episode was Archer’s willingness to aid Shirou.  Perhaps it’s that she still holds some sort of respect from him which would lead him to aiding him.  Or perhaps a newfound respect for Shirou.  Not only fixing his broken state, but in fact acknowledging that upon recovery he will be much stronger.

It’ll be interesting to see how both of these aspects play out in the following episode.  Unfortunately we only have one more episode for the cour in episode 12.  Following that, it’s a painful wait for the Spring 2015 season for the second cour.

Episode 11: A Visitor Approaches Lightly





  • Strong foreshadowing
  • Good build for Rin and Shirou
  • Archer’s intervention


  • One episode until break!

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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