Episode 11 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


The new method humans use to identifying parasytes is a clever tactic.  Although it’s nothing to take lightly when alone in a park.  As the parasytes begin to fear their future feeding upon humans, it seems they have a new tactic in mind.

Kana seems to have taken a huge liking to Shinichi.  So much that she dreams about him riding upon a parasyte horse and slashing away monsters to save her.  It seems her senses in discovering parasytes makes her feel more drawn to Shinichi.  Considering it to be a sign of him being a parasyte, she tests his hair, which naturally doesn’t wither and die like it would with a common parasyte hosted body.

As Migi grows to question Kana’s interest in Shinichi, he warns that he should push her away.  Since Shinichi fears she may stumble upon a hostile parasyte, he is not so incline to agree.  After Shinichi parts ways with Kana, Murano confronts her to discuss how Shinichi has changed.  While Kana doesn’t mind his new self, rather seeming to like it, she prods Murano to discover her feelings for Shinichi.  As Murano continues to question his new self, Kana takes it as her opportunity to snatch him away.

e11parasytethemaxim09Elsewhere a group of parasytes, with some more advanced knowledge, execute a mass murder in a Yakuza base.  Being led by a parasyte who seems to be aiming for a political leadership, it seems that their advanced state has led them to attempt to seize higher powers and control.

I still can’t seem to figure out Murano and Shinichi’s relationship.  Unfortunately it has become increasingly frustrating to see them together as Murano’s suspicion of him is getting a tad bit old.  I’m not sure why they feel it necessary to remind the viewer every 10 minutes of this series that he seems different and that he might not be Shinichi anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it breaks my heart because the show sells them as a couple.  It’s just a bit troubling at this point since I don’t think she can ever really accept his new self.  More so troubling e11parasytethemaxim10as fears begin to arise on her becoming a catalyst for him later in the show.  With Kana’s feelings for him being more predominate, one of the two is most likely going to be taken out.

It’s nice that I’m beginning to like Kana, despite her being an obvious conflict for a relationship that I want to work out.  While Murano is the friend turned lover that knows Shinichi so well that she can see his changes the most, Kana is turning out to be the one that more accepts him as he changes beyond his own control.

On another note, I’m quite impressed with the concept of parasytes taking up office.  Props for the unintentional joke about a “parasite running for mayor.”  With that sort of power, they can easily cause police to look the other way and internally effect the investigations surrounding them.  I’m curious how that will unfold.  Though having Kana now in danger is a bit unsettling (in a good way of course).

Episode 11: The Blue Bird





  • Fearing the mother parasyte
  • Decent love triangle
  • Fears of death flags
  • New political parasytes
  • Solid gory action


  • Murano’s concern getting repetitive

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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