Episode 22 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


After such big celebration of overcoming a hurdle set before them, it seemed like Asuna and the Sleeping Knights would be inseparable. Though with Yuuki’s disappearance, Asuna is left with quite an emptiness that leads her to investigating why she left.

While waiting for Yuuki to log in again, Asuna is confronted by Siune who tells her to forget about the Sleeping Knights. While Asuna begins to believe that she was a burden all along, Siune informs her that the goal was not to cause her pain. Though Asuna is conflicted as she thought they could be friends forever, game or not.

As Asuna returns to school, Kirito surprises her with a bit of information that she might find useful in finding Yuuki. A facility that is doing clinical trials for a technology called Medicuboid. There, she might find Yuuki.

However once Asuna arrives at the facility, she meets a doctor named Kurahashi who has some unfortunate information for Asuna in regards to Yuuki.

e22swordartonlineii05Despite foreseeing some of the more grave aspects of Yuuki’s fate, it didn’t prepare me for a more broad issue at hand. How Yuuki isn’t the only one in danger, and how Yuuki came to being sick. Then of course there’s the comment made by Kirito in that she “Lives in this world.”

Suddenly the name Sleeping Knights make a whole lot more sense and the spoilers I once seen for this show becomes a lot less relevant for me. It almost creates a whole new facet for this show that is much more interesting to me than hunting down a stupid digital sword.

I’d almost like the show to take the route of focusing on these people who are living in Medicuboid. Sort of like a Make-A-Wish The Animation where Asuna makes a terminal child’s last moments extra special by taking them on adventures.

In the end, this is turning out to be a fantastic arc. Even with some really dire elements in place, it all ties in with a sense of helplessness. Despite Sword Art Online having battles where the characters overcome everything by screaming and slashing, in the real world they aren’t super heroes. And that’s how it should be.

Episode 22: Journey’s End





  • Emotional
  • Great conclusions
  • Bigger concepts revealed


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