Episode 9 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


The first of seven Servants is now out of the picture and thus the battle has finally truly begun.  While Shinji remains alive, with commands in hand, can he honestly be completely out of the picture?

Following their battles, Archer finally arrives to greet a very angry Rin.  Once outside, Archer’s remarks against Rider’s failure to kill her opponent nearly sends Saber on the offense.  Thanks to Rin’s warning of using yet another command, Archer backs down and so does Saber.  Afterwards, the group lays down some quick strategizing to await Caster’s return and attack before they can return to the Ryuudou Temple.

Elsewhere, Shinji arrives at the church where Kirei awaits.  Calling for sanctuary, Shinji curses the entire group of masters, servants, and even his own servant that he believes was weak.  After fearing his father’s judgement for his failure, Shinji grows even more angry and growls at the idea that others look down upon him.  Thankfully for him, Kirei finds his resolve promising and informs him of an available servant that will allow him to continue the fight.

e9fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks11On the following day, Shirou manages to create another scene at school as Rin drags him away to inform him of her suspicion of Issei as Caster’s Master.  Though Shirou defends him, Rin is not convinced.  For this reason, Shirou is forced to prove Issei’s innocence in Rin’s place in order to protect him, which doesn’t end well.

As Shirou looks for Rin after school to tell her the results of his investigation, he finds her watching a suspicious blonde haired man outside of the Matou home where Shinji and Sakura live.

Quite a change of pace from the fast paced action we’ve been seeing recently as we take a bit of a breather.  It’s obvious at this point that Archer doesn’t seem to care too much to follow Rin anymore, and even more importantly that Rin is taking considerable note of his actions.  Though I am a bit curious as to what she would spend her final command on to reprimand Archer.

e9fatestaynightunlimitedbladeworks12Following this was a very important segment for Shinji as he gains a replacement Servant.  While some watching this will remain in the shadow as to which Servant that is, knowing who it is makes me extremely excited for what’s to come (I’m a bit of a fan).  Though no one can deny that this was proof positive on why it’s so important to take out a Master rather than just their Servant.  I wonder if UBW will address that for Rin’s sake in sparing him.

Intermixed in all of this, we got a few comical points including Issei’s stripping (hope the ladies enjoyed) and Rin’s odd attempt to hide with Shirou.  While Rin remain’s a master tsundere, we all know there was plenty of room back there.  Perhaps she was attempting to get a little closer to Shirou?  Based on her comments later, it seems she is starting to show more and more of her like for him.  A bit of build that was sorely missed in the UBW movie.

Episode 9: The Distance Between Them





  • Some comical moments
  • Rin and Archer’s broken ties
  • Shinji’s new Servant


  • Shinji remaining in the game
  • Lots of repeated plot points

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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