Episode 9 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The Royal Capital of Anatae is in a state of chaos as Amira executes her escape thanks to the efforts of Rita using her undead minions. However another force seems to be utilizing the chaos to execute his own plans.

With the King now delusional and a string of murders occurring, Jeanne is taken into custody in order to prevent what the King believes will be his murder. Even with her background, the King has never liked Jeanne’s blessings, and instead curses her as a witch. Bringing up questions as to if the angels will ever come to save her.

Elsewhere, Amira and Favaro make their way to find Amira’s mother. Per the usual, Favaro seems to have little choice in the matter and is strung along. Even with his negative outlook on things, he still makes the effort to cheer Amira up in claiming that a simple hug will remind her mother who she is.

e9rageofbahamutgenesis06Soon enough, Kaisar ends up catching up to the two escapees and attempts help them escape capture. Even though Kaisar leads a brigade, he’s under orders from the captain (Amira’s father) to save them instead. Surprisingly, before anything can even happen, the three leads are transported into an alternate world.

Once there, they find a barb that is trapped in the ground. After both Kaisar and Amira fail to remove it, Favaro effortlessly removes it from what turns out to be a dragon’s foot. The dragon thanks them for releasing him from his 2000 year captivity and proceeds to inform them of the soon to be awakened Bahamut. Shortly after, he note Amira’s identity and claims the only way to prevent the world’s destruction is for them to remain in the alternate world forever.

e9rageofbahamutgenesis01In contrast to the previous offerings of this series, this episode was rather lackluster and flawed in many ways. Not so much in visual or flow, but just in its jarring transitions and logic. While the lead up to the two parallel conflicts was fine and offered some cute moments with Amira, it was the point in which they arrived at the dragon and Jeanne was taken captive that things became broken.

Jeanne, who has saved the Royal Capital of Anatae countless times, is taken captive so easily and thrown in a prison in the midst of the world’s end. Granted a King’s word is absolute in a kingdom, it would be assumed that the guards who fought beside her and have been saved by her equal times wouldn’t be so willing. I’d venture to guess that many would even risk their necks to free her.

While we have gotten many signs of Favaro becoming some chosen hero, the whole Excalibur’ish event felt a bit silly. Then couple that with the convenient stumbling upon some slumbering dragon all seemed rushed and sloppy. No time to consider their choices, selfish crying over seeing mama in the midst of an ending world. None of it made logical sense.

EpisodeĀ 9: Decision in the Wailing Woods




  • Cute moments
  • Lots of build up


  • Rushed and jarring
  • Jeanne’s capture

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