Five Odd Similarities in the Fall 2014 Anime Season


Each season of anime comes with similarities that can be good or bad. Common tropes and archetypes can please some while annoy others. Though there are a few similarities that manage to shock those with a good memory.

With so many catching our eye during the Fall 2014 season, we commissioned our community and came up with a fun list of these similarities that can be found across the line-up.

Snake Bites In Bad Places!


Snake bites are always a life threatening thing when it comes to our venomous fanged friends.  Common strike zones for a snake to bite is the leg of a passer-by, or the hand of someone reaching out.  In anime, we find the rules changed quite a bit.  Not for logical storytelling, but purely for the sake of inappropriate life saving measures.

When anti-venom or medical aid is not nearby, the usual method for saving a bite victim is by sucking the venom from the bite wound.  Quite convenient for our male cast in the case of these shows.  For some people, this can also be titled, “Shows with lucky guys!”

Victims of this odd similarity include: Limlisha from Lord Marksman and Vanadis, as well as Ange from Cross Ange.

Giving a Boot to the Princess!


Ahh~ Struggles of power.  A great tool for storytelling and cause for epic journeys of redemption.  While kings and princes have their tale to tell, the princesses often have a bit more to overcome as they enter the world with pampered pasts and rough edges to smooth out.

Though their reasons for being exiled, reasons for returning, stakes at hand, and allies may be different, each of these princesses have a story to be told.  Even if some may not be as logical as others.

Victims of this odd similarity include: Yona from Yona of the Dawn, Ange from Cross Ange, and Elizabeth from Seven Deadly Sins. (Submission aided by Mys145)

You’re getting wet, take a LEAF!


My Neighbor Totoro would be proud!  As the rainy season brings water pouring upon our unsuspected warriors and loli, umbrellas are not always so easy to come by.  Thanks to the efforts of one Totoro, we can find shelter in the shrubbery nearby.

While the thought of finding such a huge and sturdy leaf may puzzle some, we’re talking about worlds with giant dragons and alien spaceships.  So it can’t be so hard to believe!

Users of this odd similarity include: Ange from Cross Ange and Noel from Celestial Method. (Submitted by MadGunner)

Lead Packing Beauties!


Beautiful, lovely, deadly, and packing heat.  While not as uncommon as the rest of these odd similarities, the mass quantity of girls wielding guns in the Fall 2014 season is something that we must take note of.. and potentially prepare ourselves for with bullet proof protection.

We counted 9 before we gave up, but thankfully in each scenario they had some unique class about themselves.  From an imperial arm, to a magic manifestation, executioner, and magical girl.  The flavor varies, and so does the ammunition.

Shows featuring these packing beauties include: Amagi Brilliant Park, Trinity Seven, Akame ga Kil, Cross Ange, Psycho Pass, Gonna be the Twin-Tail, World Trigger, Chaika, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, and more! (Submitted by Haremnotamashi)

Crime and Punishment!


If someone told me a book with the same title appeared in two Japanese anime shows from two different studios in the same season line-up, I would probably guess a Bible or Fairy Tale.  I’d be way off in this case as both a parasite and an aspiring writer managed to read “Crime and Punishment.”

While in Imai’s case, it’s a good read for her to find inspiration for her dreams to write scripts for anime, having an alien life seeking knowledge from it is a bit scary.  Seeing as this alien life can produce blades that can chop a human in two!

Book worms of this similarity include: Imai from Shirobako and Migi from Parasyte. (Submitted by Shinsen015)

That concludes this list of odd similarities for the Fall 2014 season. If you were able to spot one, please be sure to share it with us and others in the comments below! Just remember, Tsundere girls and harems may not be so odd these days!