Funimation Still Working with Studio Khara on Evangelion 3.33


While announcing plans for a Toonami showing of Evangelion 1.11 and Evangelion 2.22, Funimation gave a quick mention of the status on the long-delayed Evangelion 3.33 Blu-ray release.  Though it may not be what everyone wants to hear.

The FAQ they linked to reads the following:

We are working directly with the Japanese studio and the original creator on the upcoming Evangelion 3.33 home video release. This is a unique opportunity that presented itself to us, and since the plot for Evangelion 3.33 is so different from previous story lines, we are thrilled that the creator has asked to be so heavily involved in this project. Studio Khara has even decided that they would like to create their own special subtitle tracks for the release! We thank you for your continued patience as we work to confirm a release date. Please keep an eye on our social channels and our website for more updates!

Evangelion 3.33 was originally slated for a February 2014 release date before being delayed due to “demand for theatrical screenings.”  Since then, there has been minor mention of Funimation working closely with Studio Khara to fit the dub in with Khara’s vision.  It looks as if the wait continues, but it may be for the better.