Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Review


A college boy taking in three adorable nieces spells the happenings of a typical chaotic anime show.  Except that underneath the hood of this train wreck of an idea is a decent story of struggle and family.

Yuuta Segawa is starting his new life as a college student before his sister requests that he baby sit her three daughters. One daughter is her own, while the other two are daughters from her new husband’s previous wives. Though this doesn’t stop her from completely accepting them as family. Which is something she feels strongly about, even back when she raised Yuuta herself when their parents died.

After his sister and her husband suddenly go missing, Yuuta brings it upon himself to keep the three daughters from being separated and takes them back to his small apartment to stay. Thus begins his struggle to feed and raise the three girls while still attending his previous duties as a college student.

Despite the show’s obvious signs of cute and ecchi elements, it still manages to keep a rather serious tone underneath at all times. Keeping a regular focus on the listentomegirlsiamyourfather05struggles of many part-time jobs and obligations that Yuuta faces in taking care of three girls. However, unlike shows like Usagi Drop, it never seems too real or grounded as the focus often detours to more personal elements like the opposite sex being in one room. Which, of course, leads to its flavor of comedy.

Unfortunately the comedy itself suffers a great deal with repeated jokes and situations.  One big one being the regular appearance of Yuuta’s club members who seem to play off the same routine every time. Shuntarou will show his pedo side towards the two youngest girls and Raika will beat him with a fan until he squeals with satisfaction. Then there’s the regular occurence of Yuuta spotting Sora changing or being cuddled by Sora in her sleep, only to get beat for it.

Outside of its repetition, there’s a few chuckles to be had here or there, but for the listentomegirlsiamyourfather06most part it falls short thanks to it being mostly focused on young love jealousy and insinuation that Yuuta is a perverted man. Which thankfully he is not.

That’s because Yuuta is by far the strongest asset that this show has. Unlike most main protagonists stuck in a cast of cute female characters, he’s rather mature. Put in a situation that matches his past with his sister, he becomes a strong and determined character. While he fails and struggles the entire time, he never loses face and develops from his trials.  Add to that the girls’ constant struggling with his stress and you have the shows main shining potential

Which leads to the girls themselves. While the youngest girl Hina is absolutely adorable and cannot be faulted for her oblivious infant nature, her older sisters remain a constant struggle as to their dynamics. Sora is constantly focused on hooking up with her uncle Yuuta, though she did manage to shine when it came to listentomegirlsiamyourfather16being Yuuta’s main interface into the three girls when things turned for the worst. Miu on the other hand remained only present to tease Sora and Yuuta, and didn’t shine but for a single episode.

While there isn’t much to surprise someone when it comes to drama and comedy shows in the animation department, Studio feel still manages to create a visually pleasing show.  With cute and clean character designs to work with, the studio excels and bringing the characters to life and also in making them bring some tears to your eyes when emotions run high.  They also managed to capture a very cute and adorable Hina.

I’m a bit mixed when it comes to my feelings for this show as a whole. While I enjoyed seeing Yuuta’s struggle and the girls are a treat when they are their cutest, it seemed like its focus was often thrown off by repeated jokes and a some attempts to throw somelistentomegirlsiamyourfather10 ecchi into the mix. Though it was nice to see them detour from the sexualization rather quickly.  I was constantly questioning just why the girls seemed so able to ignore the bigger picture but then was impressed by how much they addressed what was in front of them.

I guess it remains as a show that shouldn’t be analyzed too harshly to enjoy and rather just a show for some cute fun and some minor drama thrown in the mix. If you can overlook its flaws, it’s still a show that offers a good deal of fun with the girls and trials with Yuuta’s endeavor. Just don’t expect anything grand from it.




  • Good drama
  • Good chemistry
  • Enjoyable characters
  • Yuuta is a solid main
  • Strays from ecchi element


  • Humor is repetitive
  • Lacks attention on deeper issues
  • Pedo jokes got old quick
  • Too much focus on Sora’s love