Episode 1 Impressions: Assassination Classroom


We’ve all had experiences with teachers that we loved, or even hated. But how many have had a world-destroying teacher that you’re being forced to kill?!

The world was put into a state of panic one day when the Moon was suddenly shattered. 70% of it completely destroyed leaving only a permanent, crescent moon behind. While things died down in the public, even with no answers as to what caused the destruction, the world’s leaders were in fact dealing with the culprit.

Turns out, some sort of lab created tentacle monster was the cause. Able to regenerate and move at mach 20 speeds, the world’s military has been unable to lay a finger on him. Even more humiliating, the creature would groom soldiers that attack him and polish jets as they tried to shoot him down.

After speaking with the creature, everyone came to an agreement. The creature apparently desired to teach a specific class for the year. Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. A class of rejects from society that were flunking. In secrecy, e1assassinationclassroom08the creature would teach that class for the remaining year. Agreeing that he would never harm the students.

The thing is, the creature plans to destroy Earth at the end of the school year. To make things interesting, the creature is allowing the students to try to assassinate him. If they think they can pull it off, the government is willing to pay them 10 billion yen. A small price to pay for saving the world.

What an absolute surprise. I figured this show would be a decent silly comedy, but what I got was something that could turn out to be very fun and entertaining. Starting things off, it was rather comical with the role-call being taken while the teacher dodges a mass barrage of bullets.  However the later segments really started to give me a hint of some very dark comedy that I think will be interesting.

e1assassinationclassroom11Students struggling with being misfits, a very cocky and confident creature, the whole aspect of the creature being a good teacher, and just the silly randomness of attempted assassinations. It all ended up being really solid.

The visuals are pretty nice to look at as well. While very simple in style, it is very colorful. Although I couldn’t help but think Nagisa was a girl.. (trap!)

Definitely can’t wait to see more of this show. With a lot of iffy shows on my plate so far, it’s nice to finally have one I’m getting behind for once.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Assassination Time


Solid laughs and oddities


  • Some good laughs
  • Good setup
  • Simple but good visuals
  • Some dark comedy elements


  • None

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