Episode 1 Impressions: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!


Comical magical girl shows seem to be growing more and more in popularity.  With the recent completion of Gonna be the Twin-tails!, we transition right into the world of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! which aims to capture the love in all of our hearts

Atsushi, Io, En, and Ryu are all attending Binan High School.  One day, two of their members have a random run-in with a talking pink wombat at a nearby Kurotama Bathhouse.  After fleeing, and being oddly saved by a young worker there named Yumoto, we later find the students attending class where the wombat makes another appearance.  This time, seemingly controlling the class’s teacher by some sort of mind control.

After class, the wombat reveals he’s trying to keep a low profile and begins insisting on the club members of the “Earth Defense Club” to join him in fighting for Love.  Though this quickly turns from a request to a forced “taking of responsibility,” and the 5 members suddenly find themselves thrown into a battle against a student who has been transformed into an angry chikuwabu.

e1cutehighearthdefenseclublove05Whether they like it or not, each of the students are forced into poses and cheesy lines before being transformed into frilly outfits and equipped with batons to fight back.  The entire time, they seem to get more and more entertainment out of it, even going so far as to create their own random names for randomly generated attacks.

I’m definitely not going to claim this show has blown me away in any way.  That said, it definitely didn’t leave me as disturbed and annoyed as I originally thought.  The characters aren’t overly girly (minus Hakone Yumoto) and it doesn’t feel BL inclined as I presumed.

While I can’t say that I’m completely sold on this concept, after being let down with Gonna be the Twin-tail!! last season, this show definitely shows some e1cutehighearthdefenseclublove11comical promise in its wacky writing.  But can they keep it fresh and not kill the jokes definitely remains to be seen.

That semi-praise aside, the show did manage to bore me for quite a while during its initial segments.  The dragged out conversations about chikuwabu and club troubles was far from entertaining.  However when the pink wombat showed up being carried by a wobbly teacher and the club members began to be thrown into a flashy fight, I couldn’t help but laugh at them.

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Episode 1: In the Name of Love

Some Promise

Some Promise


  • Some magical girl humor
  • Random and silly
  • Some good visuals


  • Rather boring at times
  • Uncertain humor longevity

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