Episode 1 Impressions: ISUCA


Winter 2015 is definitely rounding out to be the season of masked hentai as ISUCA aims to be yet another “what can we get away with” show. Shows that make one question “why not just watch hentai?”

While walking home one night, Asano Shinichirou was confronted by a strange woman. The woman removed her clothing and offered Asano the ultimate pleasure. For some reason, Asano was paralyzed and soon realized the woman before him was in fact some sort of demon. After transforming into half centipede, the demon nearly consumed him before a stream of arrows destroyed her.

The following day at school, Asano struggles with what he experienced the night before. Although his experience would soon be rivaled as he hears a scream from some of his classmates. Upon arriving, he finds one student with a large cut across her back and two other ones stricken with fear. After assessing the situation, they notice a huge beast coming right for them. Though for reasons unknown to them, the beast flees.

e1isuca02Despite the danger, Asano fears for the safety of the other students and gives chase. Once outside, he comes across a girl pined to a tree with an arrow. He answers her plea to remove the arrow even though the arrow gives off some sort of electrical static. When a girl named Shimazu Sakuya suddenly shows up, she informs him that he has just released someone who she was trying desperately to capture. That the girl he released is in fact a specter.

When the girl transforms into a two-tailed cat and flees the scene, Shimazu forcefully enlists Asano’s aid in recapturing it, claiming that it is the one attacking the students. Even though the two-tailed cat said she was innocent.

As they search, Sakuya Shimazu informs Asano of the hidden world that stalks his normal life. Sakuya is the 37th head of the Shimazu Family. A line that has sealed away specters since the Kamakura period. Specters, which are known as undead, demons, and many other names, shouldn’t be allowed in the human realm and live off human life force to remain in it. In exchange for that life force, they offer ultimate pleasure.

After flinging another arrow at the brief appearance of the attacking specter, they give chance once again and discover the girl from before that Asano freed. Though her wound isn’t that of an arrow, but rather a scratch from another specter. Turns out the girl was in fact not the one attacking students and the real culprit, a lightning beast, appears before them.

As Shimazu fights against the rare and powerful beast, she’s outclassed in power very quickly. Her cloths are shred by his attacks and her life is drained while she’s given ultimate pleasure.  After a series of odd events lead to Asano accidentally kissing Shimazu, she gains a great deal of power and seals the beast away.  Although without its true name, she cannot defeat it.

I’m going to go ahead and make this blatantly obvious prediction now and then claim I was right later. Asano is a super life force battery, as noticed when he restored Shimazu’s energy. Specters feed off this life force to remain in the world. Thus specters like the two-tail cat are going to quite regularly feed off him and in return make an excuse to have highly erotic scenes. Of course.. I’m sure most of this show will be softcore tentacle censored hentai with Shimazu fighting things that give her “ultimate pleasure.”

To be honest, I had a lot of hope in this show. There’s just something about a shine maiden wielding a bow that always grabs my attention. Unfortunately in this case, Shimazu isn’t very likable as a character at all. Honestly just a bit too violent and of the bad tsundere type.  At the same time, Asano doesn’t really seem to have much of a personality at all.

e1isuca12With the first episode only really outlining a series about banishing pleasure-inducing demons, I’m not seeing too much to be had here besides some ecchi humor if people are seeking some out. Heck, we managed to somehow get the heroine out of her cloths, make the protagonist kiss her accidentally, and plant his face in her crotch. All in one battle.  So if that’s your cup of tea, ISUCA definitely delivers there.

Again, Winter 2015 is turning out to be the season of masked hentai.  So the question really is if that tease is enough to sustain a show for you?

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: The World Is Pitch-Black

Might as well watch hentai


  • Decent animation


  • Censored softcore hentai
  • Full of tropes
  • Unlikable characters
  • Not much plot

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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