Episode 1 Impressions: KanColle

It’s true!  Finally, after many seasons of false alarms, the anime adaptation of the free-to-play online card game is finally here!  So what can we really expect from a source that offers nothing but cute and attractive characters?  Think Strike Witches with less perverted camera angles…

Fubuki has transferred to the naval district that houses girls who fight side by side against an unknown fleet they call the Abyssals.  The Abyssals are a dangerous group that appeared from the depths of the sea and used their fearsome Destroyers and Dreadnoughts to drive mankind from the seas.  The only ones able to counter these beings are girls born with the souls of warships from years past.

Once at the facility, Fubuki joins the Torpedo Squadron Three and is given quite a bit of freedom due to her being known as a “name ship of the Special Type Destroyers.”

After getting settled in and meeting the rest of her squadron, Fubuki has a run-in with the famous First Carrier Fleet’s prized member Akagi.  After Akagi openly admits that she hopes to work alongside Fubuki due to the potential she houses, Fubuki is overwhelmed with joy.

e1kancolle04Shortly later, a call to arms is made by the secretary ship Nagato.  After discovering the location of an Abyssal base, three fleets including Fubuki’s are called to arm.  Though one problem comes to light very quickly; Fubuki has never been in battle before, but she will soon learn of its hardships.

Despite her struggles, Fubuki is even more determined than ever to be a part of the team.  Even going so far is desiring to be a part of Akagi’s fleet.

I don’t point to Strike Witches to say that this is a direct copy, but it’s easy to draw similarities here.  A base of operations where students learn, but at the same time are called to battle.  A new and inexperienced character being thrown into the mix with great potential.  The threat of an unknown race of monsters.  Then of course the anthropomorphic ship idea.

e1kancolle11While the character designs and colors in this show definitely help it stand out as an enjoyable show from beginning to end, I was a bit displeased with seeing that the battles were mostly done in CG.  Even still, it didn’t stand out too much and ended up creating some pretty fun and action oriented surprises.  Add to that the more colorful cast of cute and moe silliness, and you have a recipe for a fairly enjoyable ride.

By no means is KanColle a great show, mainly due to its quite shallow world (so far), but it is a colorful and fun looking world that is visually pleasing and entertaining with its action.  Perhaps it will end up being the fun action show of the season that will capture many with its cute cast while driving away others looking for a deeper and darker show.

This show is streaming on Crunchyroll.com!

Episode 1: Hello, Commander!




  • Good character designs
  • Oddly entertaining
  • Decent CG at times


  • Some off looking CG animations
  • Bit slow at times
  • Shallow story and world

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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