Episode 1 Impressions: Maria the Virgin Witch


The battlefield is an unforgiving place of bloodshed and slaughter.  None hates it more than Maria, one able to put an end to it.  As France is facing battles and drafting farmers to war, Maria isn’t able to stand by quietly.

During the Middle Ages in Northern France, there lives a witch named Maria.  While villages used to respect witches for their ability to use magic and create medicinal concoctions, times have changed due to the Roman Catholic Church.  While people begin to fear witches and just mentioning them in a good light in public is dangerous, many still visit Maria and know she is a kind person.  Many also send messages to her, requesting that she put an end to the many battles being waged between kingdoms.

After a farmer’s daughter visits Maria one day, requesting that she protect her father who is being sent to battle, Maria is then visited by a messenger boy who has taken a liking to her.  He claims that he has been drafted into that very same battle and passingly mentions that he would like to be able to visit her forever.

e1mariathevirginwitch06The next day, the battle begins between the France and England, which kicks off to a deadly start.  While many witches watch from afar, debating the usefulness of their succubi and the outcome of the war, the possibility of Maria’s arrival is also pondered.  That’s because Maria hates battles and is known for turning the tides of war in France.  Not because she sides with France, but because she hates the bloodshed.

Sure enough, as a second wave approaches from England’s side, Maria appears in the skies and summons a gigantic dragon to breath fire upon the battlefield.  Though commanding the dragon not to harm anyone, she threatens her wrath upon anyone who continues to battle.

As things die down, her succubus Artemis appears to pester Maria’s decision.  Claiming her actions was due to her interest in the messenger boy Jospeh, she teases her virginity and inability to give it up.

I was pretty excited for this show coming in as I was impressed by the PV for it.  I was all for the setting, being a fan of medieval fantasy, and the visual style and character design was just great.  Not only that, but it seems Production IG wasn’t holding back when it came to the production levels of this episode.  Let’s just hope they don’t dip down going forward.

I also really dig Maria’s character.  Very self-conscious of things, not shy about how insanely powerful she is, but yet she doesn’t get too hot-headed about it.  She’s not loud or obnoxious in her power.  As the title suggests, she’s a perfect character in many ways.  It also helps that I get some serious Lina Inverse (Slayers) vibes from her.

If I had to critique one element of the show, it’s probably in some of the humor.  I e1mariathevirginwitch13suppose we called it during our OtakuSpirit Animecast Preview of Winter 2015 when we mentioned her virginity being a running joke.  Artemis doesn’t make much secrete of her talents and doesn’t shy from mentioning Maria’s lack of such.  Of which, I don’t particularly mind, I just felt at times it got a bit too… descriptive.  However, that’s not to say I’m docking the show for it.

A great watch, great characters, great visual design, and production value that I hope holds up.  I’m really excited to see where they take this show going forward!

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Episode 1: Perfect Virgin




  • Great visual style
  • High production value
  • Great setting and characters
  • Good humor and tone


  • Some poor humor

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