Episode 1 Impressions: Yatterman Night


History is always written by the winners of wars and struggles.  The heroes we grow up honoring, may in fact be the villains our ancestor’s despised.  Such is the fact that Leopard would soon learn as she is forced to grow up at an alarming rate.

On one fateful New Years Eve, mankind experienced an apocalyptic catastrophe of raining meteors. Many years later, we find Dorothy, living on a secluded island blocked on one side by a giant wall, and on the other side by a large waterfront. Beyond that water is the Yatter Kingdom. A land ruled by generations of Yatterman.

Alone with her two servants, Elephantus and Voltkatze, Dorothy would raise a child she names Leopard. Unfortunately, the father is no longer alive to see her child born. However that doesn’t keep Leopard from having a joyous childhood. Spending time with her mother, Elephantus, Voltkatze, and their pig Oda.

While chasing after Oda, Leopard would soon find her way into a shed that she’s not allowed to enter. Inside is a portrait of the gang called Doronbow, three thieves from picture books that Leopard has read.   Thieves that the heroes Yatterman fought against.

e1yattermannight01Turns out, Leopard’s ancestor is the leader of the band of thieves, Doronjo. Doronjo’s two partners were ancestors of Elephantus and Voltkatze and have been serving their family for generations. No surprise, this news isn’t too pleasing for Leopard to hear. Being from a family of thieves that the great Yatterman put an end to. More shocking is the fact that they have been banished out of Yatter Kingdom thanks to their ancestor’s thievery.

Many years pass, and on Leopard’s ninth birthday, her mother Dorothy falls ill. Without proper medicine, she won’t last long. With this in mind, Leopard rushes to seek the aid of the Yatterman across the lake. Without hesitating, both Elephantus and Voltkatze agree to aid her in her struggle.

Upon arriving near the Yatter Kingdom, a great wall is erected and from a door stands Lord and Lady Yatterman. Even though Leopard cries for aid from them, they fire upon them as invaders. Even blasting their boat out of the water.

Due to this event, and the lack of aid, Dorothy would pass away. In Leopards grief, she would soon realize that the Yatterman may not be the heroes. Rather that her ancestors probably fought against the corrupted Yatterman. For this reason, Leopard has chosen to take up her ancestor’s fight, and fight to bring down the corrupt Yatterman. Leopard as Doronjo, Elephantus as Tonzra, and Voltkatze as Boyacky! The Doronbow!

After looking into the Yatterman franchise, and on into Time Bokan that this series is from, I began to get a bit worried about what this show can possibly do.  Nothing against the old 1970s classics, but I wasn’t quite feeling it.  Even the recent Yatterman series was bright, silly, and a walking comedy routine.  I can only hope it doesn’t get the same feel following this rather dark episode.

That said, this episode caught me off guard.  After a confusing synopsis, episode 1 e1yattermannight08put most of my worries to rest.  It was sweet, slightly comical, and filled with emotion.  Having a mixture of innocence, freedom fighting, and grim surroundings has me intrigued.  Though I admit that most of my joy is reminiscent of the same feels I got when I first seen World Conquest Zvezda Plot (before it fizzled out).

There’s just something interesting about a cute girl being empowered and seeking to bring down injustice.  A fragile character with sidekicks taking on the world.  It’s something that was not really delivered in World Conquest Zvezda Plot, mainly due to the overly comical nature, but something this first episode seems to promise.

Let’s just hope it keeps strong and doesn’t turn too silly.  Contrasting what was delivered in this round.  I can honestly say that the groundwork and character build could be kept to episode one and this could go south from here.  I’m keeping my hopes up though.

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Episode 1: The World Is Pitch-Black




  • Great start
  • Good characters
  • Empowered Loli!
  • Dark and interesting world


  • Fears of it becoming silly episodic

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