Episode 1 Impressions: Yurikuma Arashi


Symbolism, symbolism, symbolism.  For some authors, it is deep writing that provokes thought.  For others, it is an excuse to confuse the hell out of anyone willing to dive in.  In the case of Yurikuma Arashi, it may just be a way of making yuri love-making PG-13.

In the past, a planet called Kumalia exploded and the fragments from that planet rained down on Earth. The fragments caused the bears to rise up and attack humans. In response, the humans created giant walls to separate themselves from the bears. However it seems the bears aren’t so inclined to keep out. Thus regularly, the bears come across and the humans are alerted to it by sirens.

On the human side, Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino are helplessly in love.  Despite being in what seems like a manless world, they seem to be hiding their love.  After two girls transfer into their school, it seems trouble begins to strike their relationship.  Coined as an “Invisible Storm.”

The two transfer students are in fact bears in disguise, and they are also glutenous e1yurikumaarashi02bears at that.  They set their sights on Kureha, and go so far as to kidnap Sumika to lure her out to a secluded place.

Once there, Kureha is attacked by the two bears.  During this attack, she’s thrown into some sort of odd setting where the bears are given judgement to be “Approved Yuri” and begin licking a flower that Kureha has exposed…..

I’m so troubled by this show that I was nearly tempted to not do an impression on it. It’s mainly due to both the aspect of an absolutely boring build up to a rather troubling conclusion to its first episode. The yuri doesn’t bother me, and I can overlook the overly-sexualized elements. It was the obnoxiously random symbolism that creates a cluster of “what the hell is even going on” that makes for a very unenjoyable experience.

e1yurikumaarashi10The other, far more disturbing aspect of this show was in its symbolism towards the end. Stupidly random court case aside, what was depicted was obviously two bears deflowering a girl. What was troubling was the fact that it was in follow-up to the two rushing the girl. Thus symbolizing rape, in a very “Oh that’s hot!” sort of way. Which, again, is troubling.  Perhaps I’m over-thinking it though.. which once again gets into the problem with symbolism not being explained.

This troubling aspect aside, the world is rather confusing. Not really in the extremely random objects being thrown at the screen like an ADD convention, but in its overall design. Despite being in a world where it seems that no men exist, two girls hide their relationship for each other.. when you think that would be the only relationships at all. Then there’s the element of the “Invisible Storm” that can only be assumed as a force desiring to stop their love.. which again.. would be assumed to be the only type available.

e1yurikumaarashi11All of that said, my final real issue with this show is in how vague its symbolism is. It really does force the viewers to either trust that something will be explained or force them to wonder if the writer wants them to believe they are smarter than the viewer. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything smart here. Just sex that won’t be flagged as pornography.

None of it makes sense. Nothing is explained. The viewer is dragged through it, and then fed a biscuit of lust and hope that they stick around for episode two. It leaves me sour, and I really don’t know what to think anymore.  All I do know is that the bears aren’t eating anyone.. in the way you would think.

This show is streaming on Funimation.com!

Episode 1: Never Back Down On Love

Just go watch a hentai..


  • Cute at times
  • Some interesting design


  • Overly symbolized
  • Stupidly random
  • Symbolized porn
  • Possible glorified rape

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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