Episode 15 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


The war continues over Earth as the UFE and the Deucalion exchange blows in orbit above the blue planet. Even after their efforts, it seems the Vers continue to have an overwhelming edge in military strength.

Despite being put into the battlefield, Inaho acknowledges the importance of his blood. Being in harm’s way, the entire Deucalion risks deactivation if he loses his life. Even with this in mind, the commander leaves it to his choice alone.

During their discussions, tests of the Aldnoah activation come to light. Seems they have tried to activate a drive using blood drawn from the princess which resulted in failure. Their theory is that the activation factor was transferred to Inaho when he resuscitated the princess and was fully activated when her blood was spilled upon him.

On the Vers front, Slaine remains a stain in the presence of other Counts. While Count Barouhcruz and Marylcian threaten his existence, Count Saazbaum arrives to lay his claim on his pupil. Not only that, but he decrees that day that Slaine is e15aldnoahzero01now his son and heir to his legacy. Despite his efforts, it doesn’t seem like the Counts will trust a Terran at their backs.

Very solid episode that I believe will clear up a lot of people’s frustrations over certain character choices. As Slaine dubbed Saazbaum’s successor, it became immediate that Slaine was set to make his next move. A move that really showed the plotting he has been doing from the very beginning of this season. Where it goes from this point, remains to be seen.

It was nice to finally get some answers as to how the Aldnoah activation works. Well, not so much answers, but speculations as to how Inaho was activated. It’s just nice that they still plan to properly explain it for those that are stuck on it a bit (like myself).

e15aldnoahzero02As the episode progressed into a very decisive battle for the future of the show, I was growing a bit frustrated at the continuation of the “Golden Child” scenario. As we once again repeated the “We’re not doing good, INAHO! We’re saved” formula that they have been stuck on for this season. I was glad to finally see the Deucalion exchange fire and Rayet show off some skill. Although I have to admit that it remains less flavorful as its past battles in the previous season.

One theory still remains in my head.  Just how Eddelrittou could play a role in everything.  She was a silent servant in the first season that managed to surprise us in the end, but in this season she regains her servant status with Lemrina.  Although she’s struggling with Asseylum’s status and being toyed with by Lemrina about Asseylum and their friends in the UFE.  I ponder if she will have
the guts to protect Asseylum as Lemrina goes to steal her sister’s life.

Great episode though, and I still hold hope that we can continue to dig out of the rut that the season began with. One step at a time.

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Episode 15: Toll for the Brave




  • Slaine’s plot revealed
  • Deucalion and Rayet step up
  • Saazbaum sort of redeemed?
  • Eddelrittou could be a card


  • Inaho’s one man army is getting tiresome

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