Episode 16 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


With Slaine’s new status comes a much more judgmental eye as he treads lightly in the presence of the Counts that would see him dead.  However this shaky water would soon be frozen as he takes steps to ensure his new position.

The fate of Inaho’s sister Yuki and captain Marito remained in the dark as the Deucalion seemingly left them behind on Earth. As the Deucalion returns to Earth for resupplies and repairs, the truth of the two connected with it comes to light. Yuki was apparently very vocal in her plea for the UE to remove Inaho from the fight, which landed her isolated from the group. At the same time, Marito separated voluntarily to avoid the memories of his past that it triggered inside him.

Back in space, Lemrina approves of Slaine’s new attire, now wearing the Count’s uniform. She acknowledges Saazbaum’s death as a great loss to the Vers and recalls how she came to meeting him. How her father, Second Emporer Gillzeria, caused Heaven’s Fall and perished for it. While he did take her in and protected her following this, Lemrina always knew his true intentions for her. Now she expects e16aldnoahzero03Slaine, despite the envy placed on him, to continue to protect her, the princess before him, rather than Asseylum of which Saazbaum was supposed to.

As Slaine prepares to quell the spiteful Counts, the Counts move on without his aid. Enlisting Count Mazuurek, a seemingly peace desiring man, to make a forward move on the lands on Earth.

Well they certainly aren’t planning on making any efforts into redeeming Slaine at this point. While I’m sure at some point they will try to rescue his character as an Anti-Hero, as he’s seemingly dismantling the Vers from the inside out, his methods have pretty much sealed his fate in my eyes. While creepy stalker material has indeed been a theme for him for some time, he’s now worst than anyone he could possibly claim to be a monster. He can no longer claim that his dreams are his own, as his dreams are evident in his actions.

e16aldnoahzero06I really appreciated the move back to Earth for our featured fight in this episode. To add to that, the Yemen setting was a great change of scenery that isn’t seen often in anime. Which is particularly odd in the case of a Interplanetary War. I definitely give them props for the interesting choice of a battlefield. Plus, I’m sure the new character added will add some interesting elements to the story.

I also commend A-1 Pictures for finally stepping up the production in this episode. I can finally not complain about the musical scores and orchestration this time around. Although my issues with the lack of usefulness in the remaining UE remains a stain they have yet to remove. Hopefully Marito is finally going to step up since it doesn’t seem as if Inko or Rayet will ever prove to be worth any care.  Of course, Marito’s return also makes me fear a return of them beating his past into the ground once more.

Now.. about that Aldnoah Drive…

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Episode 16: Soldiers’ Pay




  • Interesting new character in play
  • Slaine continues to evolve
  • Return of characters


  • Inaho’s one man army is getting tiresome
  • Fears of more of Marito’s dead horse

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